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ALPSP Training: Licensing your Content - 03 Jul 2013
Licensing content has rapidly become a key component of the academic publishing environment, but why is this needed and what are the practicalities? What are the key issues to be aware of and consider when negotiating a licence? This course will outline the development of licensing on various platforms including print, online, audio, video and mobile applications and demonstrate how it relates in reality to the growing range of licence arrangements that are now available for all content. (Full Day)

Event Date: July 3, 2013
Event Location: London, UK
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ALPSP Training: Effective Journals Marketing - 09 Jul 2013
Technology is changing, new business models are developing and new markets emerging – the journal publishing landscape is shifting. These new developments offer challenges for journals marketing. This course provides a strategic overview of this dynamic environment and how best to apply marketing techniques to achieve your journal’s objectives. The course uses a variety of methods including case studies and workshops to provide an interactive learning experience. (Full Day)

Event Date: July 9, 2013
Event Location: London,UK
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It's all about discoverability, stupid! How to get your content seen by the right people - 10 Jul 2013
Full Day Seminar - Discoverability is at the centre of everything a publisher does. Highly visible content is used more and cited more, and increased brand familiarity leads to increased author submissions. This seminar will provide a detailed investigation into the landscape of content discovery and how it is constantly evolving.

Event Date: July 10, 2013
Event Location: London, UK
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