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Tools for Change - 06 May 2014
This complimentary webcast will talk about two major ProQuest initiatives that will provide attendees with the tools they need to support and drive their library transformation. Attendees will be provided with the latest update on the company progress with the ebrary and EBL integration. They will also hear about how the Intota library services platform can help library transformation and grow rather than require adopting an entirely new system that is still built around old paradigms and does not address the current needs.

Event Date: May 6, 2014
Event Location: Online
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ALPSP Training Course: Effective Journal Editorial Management - 08 May 2014
This course introduces the common issues and tasks encountered in journal management. Considering various approaches to effective journal management and relationship building, it enables delegates to build on their skills to be more effective in meeting the day-to-day challenges of journal publishing, changing business models and editorial processes. The emphasis is on practical advice and guidance.(full day)

Event Date: May 8, 2014
Event Location: London
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The mechanics and reality of open access - 13 May 2014
Open Access is very much in the news – this seminar looks at the practicalities of implementing OA policy for both STM and HSS publishing.

The hybrid model is now under increasing scrutiny – what are the challenges facing publishers, librarians and funders? Global OA policies have increasing granular focus – what does this mean for workflows, processes and standardisation of data? How do hybrid and gold OA publishing differ when it comes to marketing products and services? What are the issues surrounding APC collection systems? Join our expert speakers to discuss these and other questions.

Event Date: May 13, 2014
Event Location: Royal College of Pathologists, 2 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AF
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Transforming Library Metadata with XSLT - 14 May 2014
Taught by experienced XML/XSLT instructors and developers Matthew Gibson, director of digital initiatives at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities at the University of Virginia, and Christine Ruotolo, digital services manager for humanities and social sciences at the University of Virginia Library, this three-day workshop will explore XSLT with a specific focus on the role of XSLT in digital library projects and an emphasis on practical tasks such as metadata crosswalking. The workshop will be a mix of lecture and hands-on demonstration and experimentation. Lectures, exercises, and projects will allow participants to gain experience using some of the more powerful components of XSLT 1.0 and 2.0. This workshop is designed for information professionals who have a good understanding of XML and work with it frequently. While some understanding of and experience with XSLT is a plus, this is not a requirement.

Event Date: May 14–16, 2014
Event Location: Washington, DC
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ALPSP Training Course:Project Management for Publishing - 21 May 2014
Projects are fundamental to all publishing organisations. Everyone gets involved in them. They may involve developing new products, new processes and systems, adopting new technologies, reaching new markets, acquiring new business, selecting new suppliers or improving existing processes. Projects are also challenging and often fail to achieve the desired results. This course provides a template and many supporting tools that can be applied to all projects, large or small, to help ensure successful outcomes. It has a strong emphasis on getting things right at the outset because this is where most problems with projects arise.

The course tutors are practising project managers with a wealth of experience from the publishing sector. The programme is highly practical and includes break-out sessions using real project scenarios provided by delegates as well as providing publishing case studies as examples of what works and what doesn't. It provides an excellent introduction for those new to taking responsibility for projects as well as a great refresher for those facing new project challenges. (full day)

Event Date: May 21, 2014
Event Location: London
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ALPSP Webinar: Implementing Creative Commons licences - 22 May 2014
With RCUK's adoption of its new Open Access policy, and with similar policy moves being considered by other research funding bodies around the world, Creative Commons licences are becoming routine business for scholarly publishing. Not all publishers will have the resources and expertise to easily accommodate CC licences into their workflows, and many publishers will be wondering what implications the adoption of CC licences has for the relationship with their authors. This webinar is intended to provide a brief, practical overview of what CC licences are, how they can be implemented by publishers, and how authors are likely to respond to them. It will draw on the experience of publishers who have already implemented CC licences into their systems and workflows, and on a recent large-scale author survey. It will also look at how CC licences can be used with third-party material, such as images and figures that the author is reusing from another source.

Event Date: May 22, 2014
Event Location: Online
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BIBLIOSALUD 2014. XV Jornadas de Información y Documentación en Ciencias de la XV Meeting of Information and Documentation in the Health Sciences. Madrid. 22 y 23 Mayo, 2014. - 22 May 2014
Fifteenth Meeting of Information and Documentation in the Health Sciences. For Health Sciences and Hospital Librarians.

Event Date: May 22-23, 2014
Event Location: Madrid (Spain)
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Streamlining Medical Affairs Workflows - 28 May 2014
Two webinars are scheduled on May 28, 2014 to highlight how QUOSA and Article Galaxy can be used together to efficiently acquire, manage and share relevant scientific literature for Medical Liaisons, Medical Communications, and other groups within Medical Affairs. The webinars will explore how corporate libraries, information centers and Medical Affairs staff can improve the tasks they normally perform including responding quickly to inquiries from HCPs and KOLs; enabling mobile access to content; ordering & distributing documents legally to KOLs; tracking spending to comply with Sunshine Act regulation; saving money by preventing duplicate article orders; and optimising spending through the use of lowest cost literature acquisition filters.

Event Date: May 28, 2014
Event Location: Online
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2014 SSP 36th Annual Meeting - 28 May 2014
Don’t miss your opportunity to attend the 2014 Annual Meeting. The meeting theme is: Who’s at Stake and What’s at Stake? Looking Outward at the Future of Scholarly Publishing. The SSP 36th Annual Meeting will be held May 28-30, 2014 in Boston, MA.

Event Date: May 28-30, 2014
Event Location: The Westin Boston Waterfront, Boston, MA, USA
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