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SPEC 2014 - Disruptive Technology Trends in STM Publishing, London - 10 Nov 2014
Software Product Engineering Conference (SPEC) is Rave's annual event providing a platform for various organisations to address ever evolving technology challenges in a fast changing landscape. This year, the theme of the conference is 'Disruptive Technology Trends in STM Publishing. Digital publishing, Cloud deployment, Data Analytics, DRM or not to DRM, Responsive design, Big Data and NoSQL databases, are just some of the technology themes that STM Publishers are having to address. To add to these challenges, there are macro market developments in publishing and distribution that could impact STM Publishing. Amazon's Kindle Unlimited for example, could change the way books are consumed and possibly change library models. Rave's event will discuss which emerging and disruptive technologies various publishers are observing and how they are harnessing them.

Event Date: November 10, 2014
Event Location: London, UK
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ALPSP Training Course: Understanding eJournal Technology - 11 Nov 2014
This course will provide an insight into the technologies behind eJournal delivery. Technology has removed the barriers between production, editorial, marketing, sales, customer services and most importantly the customers. The course will be business-centric clearly positioning technologies in the context of the industry issues they aim to solve. Participants will learn how technology is used throughout the delivery of eJournals from publisher via library to the end-user. (full day)

Event Date: November 11, 2014
Event Location: Oxford, UK
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NEW ALPSP Training Course: How to Make Content More Discoverable Through SEO - 19 Nov 2014
If you're producing content for the web and want readers to find your products, you need to understand how to make search optimisation work for you. This course focuses on the practical things you can do, explains how search engines work, and equips you with the tools to apply all you have learnt immediately. (full day)

Event Date: November 19, 2014
Event Location: London, UK
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London Info International 2014 - 24 Nov 2014
London Info International will bring together 70 of the world's leading providers of content-enabled solutions that help drive innovation and improve outcomes in research, education and business. These international exhibitors lead the way in the creation of databases, e-books, online journals and reference works in every major academic, scientific and professional field. They include big data specialists, competitive intelligence providers, document delivery and reprint suppliers, global rights brokers, information aggregators, platform and technology specialists, patent information providers, publishers and subscription agents.

London Info International is for professionals from corporations, governments, hospitals, public sector bodies and universities with the responsibility of exploring and purchasing enterprise information products and services including current awareness tools, databases, documents, e-books, e-prints and online journals.

Event Date: November 24-25, 2014
Event Location: Royal Horticultural Halls, London, UK
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ALPSP Training Course: Project Management for Publishing - 26 Nov 2014
Projects are fundamental to all publishing organisations. Everyone gets involved in them. They may involve developing new products, new processes and systems, adopting new technologies, reaching new markets, acquiring new business, selecting new suppliers or improving existing processes. Projects are also challenging and often fail to achieve the desired results. This course provides a template and many supporting tools that can be applied to all projects, large or small, to help ensure successful outcomes. It has a strong emphasis on getting things right at the outset because this is where most problems with projects arise. The course tutors are practising project managers with a wealth of experience from the publishing sector. The programme is highly practical and includes break-out sessions using real project scenarios provided by delegates as well as providing publishing case studies as examples of what works and what doesn't. It provides an excellent introduction for those new to taking responsibility for projects as well as a great refresher for those facing new project challenges. (full day)

Event Date: November 26, 2014
Event Location: Oxford, UK
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