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ALPSP Training Course: Understanding eJournal Technology - 02 Nov 2017
This course will provide an insight into the technologies behind eJournal delivery, and help delegates understand the challenges faced by libraries in providing readers with access to their journals. The course will be business-centric - clearly positioning technologies in the context of the industry issues they aim to solve. Participants will learn how technology is used throughout the delivery of journals from publisher via library to the end-user.

Event Date: November 2, 2017
Event Location: West One (De Vere), 9-10 Portland Place, London, UK
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Taxonomy Boot Camp Washington 2017 - 06 Nov 2017
Taxonomy Boot Camp 2017 is focused on stepping up the taxonomy game. The program is designed to provide something for everyone, from taxonomy newbies to seasoned experts (and everyone in between). Beginner sessions provide those new to the field with the nuts and bolts they need to get up-to-speed and give more experienced practitioners insight into how others have evolved their approaches. Also hear case studies, practical sessions on taxonomy tools and methods, and cutting-edge developments in the field. Taxonomy Boot Camp is the only conference dedicated to exploring the successes, challenges, methodologies and products for taxonomies.

Event Date: November 6 - 7, 2017
Event Location: JW Marriott Washington DC, 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC, USA
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KMWorld 2017 - 06 Nov 2017
People are at the core of knowledge sharing; the key to high functioning organisations, along with all types of thinking: design, customer-focused, service, complexity, and more. And of course supporting technologies - collaborative, cognitive computing, AI - are enabling incredible strides in knowledge sharing, decision making, and satisfying customers, but they are also disrupting many industries. The theme of KMWorld 2017, the 21st annual event, People Power, Thinking & Tech, focuses on culture, people processes, different types of thinking and technologies supporting organisations as they excel in their industries. KMWorld 2017 offers a wide-ranging program especially focused to meet the needs of executives and strategic business and technology decision makers and is a must-attend for those concerned with improving their organisation’s bottom line, business processes and productivity, as well as streamlining operations and accelerating development and innovation in their evolving enterprises.

Event Date: November 6 - 9, 2017
Event Location: JW Marriott Washington DC, 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC, USA
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ALPSP Training Course: Publication Ethics: Fraud and Misconduct - 08 Nov 2017
A wide range of ethical issues can arise in academic publishing. These can be caused by misbehaving authors (e.g. committing plagiarism or fraud), by abuse of editorial positions and also by conflicts between publishers’ and societies’ commercial interests and principles of editorial freedom and integrity. This course will cover how to detect and deal effectively with possible misconduct and show the importance of having sound ethical policies. While the principles and theories covered are applicable across most publication types, some issues covered will be particularly relevant to journals publishing.

Event Date: November 8, 2017
Event Location: West One (De Vere), 9-10 Portland Place, London, UK
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2017 ISMTE European conference - 09 Nov 2017
ISMTE conferences provide a unique opportunity to increase the recognition of your brand in the editorial office. Attendees of the 2017 ISMTE European conference drive the editorial process in the fields of science, technology, medicine, nursing and allied health, and the humanities, as well as business, finance, economics, law, criminology, and the social sciences. The ISMTE European conference attracts attendees from all over the world. This is an opportunity to deliver your message directly to representatives of some of the top journals worldwide. Leaders will arrive ready to discuss new trends in publishing, including products and services to help them work better and smarter.

Event Date: November 9 - 10, 2017
Event Location: Copthorne Tara Hotel London Kensington, Scarsdale Place Kensington, London, UK
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Text Analysis Conference (TAC) 2017 - 13 Nov 2017
The Text Analysis Conference (TAC) is a series of evaluation workshops organised to encourage research in Natural Language Processing and related applications, by providing a large test collection, common evaluation procedures, and a forum for organisations to share their results. TAC comprises sets of tasks known as "tracks," each of which focuses on a particular subproblem of NLP. TAC tracks focus on end-user tasks, but also include component evaluations situated within the context of end-user tasks.

Event Date: November 13-14, 2017
Event Location: National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD, USA
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ALPSP Training Course: Agile Project Management for Publishing - 15 Nov 2017
The focus of the course is to present the core philosophies behind successful Agile project management, brought to life by anecdotes, war stories, publishing case studies and robust discussion on the various techniques. The role of product owner will be briefly examined, with respect to stakeholder management and user story development. Delegates will work in small groups to practice the relevant concepts and learn how to avoid the common pitfalls. The course will allow team members embarking on a project to use a range of Agile techniques through practical exercises.

Event Date: November 15, 2017
Event Location: Prince Philip House, 3 Carlton House Terrace, London, UK
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ALPSP Training Course: Advanced Journal Development: Strategic development for journal managers - 22 Nov 2017
This course has been designed as a follow-on from Journal Development 1 which provides participants with a toolbox system for planning the development of their journals. This more advanced course looks at overarching strategies for journal development including acquisition and portfolio development. The course is built around case studies to allow participants to work on simulated scenarios in order to discuss and test ideas and strategies with their peers and the course facilitators.

Event Date: November 22, 2017
Event Location: Said Business School, Park End Street, Oxford, UK
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ASI 2017 Conference - 27 Nov 2017
The Australasian Society for Immunology Incorporated (ASI) was created by the amalgamation in 1991 of the Australian Society for Immunology, formed in 1970, and the New Zealand Society for Immunology, formed in 1975. The aim of the Society is to encourage and support the discipline of immunology in the Australasian region. It is a broadly based Society, embracing clinical and experimental, cellular and molecular immunology in humans and animals. The Society provides a network for the exchange of information and for collaboration within Australia, New Zealand and overseas. ASI members have been prominent in advancing biological and medical research worldwide. We seek to encourage the study of immunology in Australia and New Zealand and are active in introducing young scientists to the discipline.

Event Date: November 27 - December 1, 2017
Event Location: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Queensland, Australia
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ALPSP Training Course: How to Make Content More Discoverable through SEO - 30 Nov 2017
If you’re in marketing or editorial and writing copy for your website, what can you do to help readers to find your products? You need to understand how to make search optimisation work for you. This course focuses on the practical things you can do, explains how search engines work, and equips you with essential tools you can start to use immediately.

Event Date: November 30, 2017
Event Location: Prince Philip House, 3 Carlton House Terrace, London, UK
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