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Cost-Effective Content Management - 09 Feb 2006
Content Management systems have come down in price and industry standards mean publishers do not face being ‘locked in' to a specific vendor and proprietary format. Whether you publish journals, magazines, directories or books, you need to be aware of and able to evaluate the benefits of a structured approach to publishing information. Is it worth the investment? Is it simply a cost-saving tool or are there revenue benefits as well? Are there standard procedures to follow? Speakers will present a series of case studies and there will be plenty of time for questions.
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WEB 2.0 Hip OR Hype? New ways to engage users with content - 09 Feb 2006
The phrase 'Web 2.0' looks like it will soon top the internet buzzword charts. If you haven't yet heard of Web 2.0, you soon will. If you have heard of it, you might already be rolling your eyes. How much of Web 2.0 is real and how much is hype? What do publishers and societies need to know about Web 2.0? This update will explain the concepts behind Web 2.0 using real examples of how Web 2.0 technologies are currently being used by scholars, librarians and the broader commercial world.
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