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10th the European Association of Health Information and Libraries - 11 Sep 2006
The 10TH EAHIL Conference is first ever EAHIL conference in Eastern Europe. Nearly 350 - 400 international medical librarians are expected to participate in this conference, to be held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, from September 11-16. The conference seeks to provide an exceptional opportunity of making new contacts, as well as renewing contacts in Western Europe.
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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Survival Secrets for the Post-Search World - 14 Sep 2006
Despite rumors to the contrary, search is alive and kicking. But, now that Google and other search engines have leveled the content landscape it is critical that information providers – and users as well – look beyond "search" to find the secrets to survival. Learn how Forrester Research sees the new search landscape. Matt Brown, Senior Analyst, will describe how information providers are responding to a sophisticated market with value-added products and services.
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STM Master Class - Developing strategic business skills - 18 Sep 2006
The main objective of the course, to be held from September 18 – 21, 2006, is to help delegates develop their strategic business skills in relation to risk analysis and investment decisions, structuring and managing global businesses, external relationships, understanding the impact of organisational culture on business performance, successful post-acquisition implementation, and understanding key drivers for change. In addition to seminars, discussions, and group work, delegates will also be able to network informally with high achievers from a range of STM publishers and organisations.
Pembroke College, Oxford University, England
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A Standard XML Document Format: The case for the adoption of NLM DTD - 21 Sep 2006
This half day meeting will explain what the NLM DTD is all about – and why it is likely to become the standard for preparing scholarly content for both books and journals. The speakers will explain its background and development, its use and application, and the benefits and challenges of adopting this new standard.
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Publication Ethics - 22 Sep 2006
This one day seminar examines the ethics of authorship and peer review, discusses the various ways in which the system can be undermined, what steps can be taken to avoid such abuses and what actions can be taken when they do occur.
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Journals Production Process Management - 26 Sep 2006
This course provides a framework for measuring the effectiveness of delegates’ journals production processes, for deciding how and where those processes should be improved, and for planning and implementing process change. With real-life case studies and practical exercises, the course will enable people responsible for journals production to use process improvement to meet the current and forecast demands of the business. The course is expected to help people with some overall responsibility for production of a large journal or of multiple journals, including Production Managers, Production Editors, Production Directors and Editorial Managers.
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