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Maximising the Potential of Your Books Programme - 07 Nov 2006
Designed to provide practical solutions and ideas based on actual experience, this seminar for publishers of academic monographs considers the best ways of extending marketing techniques and how best to use online techniques. It covers both traditional, tried and tested marketing methods as well as looking at ways of making online book content reach beyond conventional markets.
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Science and Technology Policy 2006 AAAS Leadership Seminar - 13 Nov 2006
The AAAS Leadership Seminar in Science and Technology Policy is a crash course in science and technology policy, modelled after the acclaimed orientation program that AAAS provides for its new S&T Policy Fellows each fall. This seminar, to be held from November 13-17, 2006, will feature some of the top experts in S&T policy, finance and diplomacy.
Washington, D.C.
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Web 2.0 Hip or Hype? New ways to engage users with content - 21 Nov 2006
ALPSP technology Update: How much of Web 2.0 is real and how much is hype? What do publishers and societies need to know about Web 2.0? This update will explain the concepts behind Web 2.0 using real examples of how Web 2.0 technologies are currently being used by scholars, librarians and the broader commercial world.
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