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ASIDIC 2007 Spring Meeting: Getting it Right: Building Content Services that Succeed in Transforming Markets - 11 Mar 2007
Publishers are facing a world that blends content and technology services together with contributions from individuals and institutions into powerful new contexts that are changing how their markets use and pay for their products and services. These changes are forcing content companies to change their ideas of howto make money in publishing faster than ever before. The Spring ASIDIC meeting features speakers who will consider the many facets of the issues facing the industry today.
Orlando, FL
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Know your customers - 16 Mar 2007
ALPSP one day seminar: Understanding your customers is vital to developing your business. Publishers have many different customers authors, libraries and end-users; particularly in an electronic environment, all interactions with customers provide potentially valuable information. This information has to be obtained with care, to avoid irritating customers; it is an enormously useful resource and can help publishers of all sizes to identify under-exploited or even completely new opportunities. The seminar will be of value not only to marketing staff, but also to those in both editorial and customer service roles.
British Institute of Radiology, London, UK
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