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Health Content08 - 12 Nov 2008
Health Content08 brings together publishers from all sectors of the health publishing industry and includes sessions on innovations in evidence-based medicine, consumer-driven healthcare, patient education, personalized medicine information products and more. Nov. 12-13, 2008.
Park Hyatt, Philadelphia
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Making a Success of Launching a New Journal - 14 Nov 2008
This seminar will explore the process of launching new journals and some of the traits of successful launches, including how some publishers have responded to the changing pressures and opportunities in today's academic market. Speakers will explain some of the different business models now available for new launches and how to determine what is right for your proposal. The seminar is aimed at anyone thinking about launching a journal or wondering how to provide a publication outlet for an emerging field.
British Institute of Radiology, 36 Portland Place, London
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