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A Publisherís Survival Guide: Best Practices for Survival in Severe Economic Conditions - 02 Apr 2009
Planning for the future in these uncertain times doesnít need to be an excursion into an unknown wilderness. Charting and mapping out your course is a time-consuming but necessary part of preparing for your publicationís future. Due diligence is indispensable as you search for new revenue sources and cost-saving efficiencies while managing financial adversity. Retaining and gaining members and subscribers are part of a well-rounded strategy to circumvent financial challenges. The sessions at this seminar will provide you with the information you need to weather the storm.
National Press Club, Washington DC
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Allen Press SeminarA Publisherís Survival Guide: Best Practices for Survival in Severe Economic Conditions - 02 Apr 2009
The shifting landscape of journal publishing requires strategies that will assure a brighter future following uncertain economic times. Join us in Washington, DC, for this one day seminar, at the National Press Club, to learn practical solutions for reducing costs, generating revenue and staying connected with members and subscribers, old and new.
Washington, DC
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Understanding the Market for E-Testbooks - STM Session on the JISC National E-Books Observatory - 20 Apr 2009
The JISC national e-books observatory is the largest research project of its kind ever undertaken to understand the impact of making course text e-books freely available at the point of use to students. As the project draws to a close, this session will examine what has been learnt so far and what is still to be learnt about the impact on publishers, academic libraries and, most importantly, end users of making essential course text available electronically.
The London Book Fair, Earls Court, London UĪK
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STM E-Book 2.03 seminar - 23 Apr 2009
The seminar is aimed at managers in scholarly publishing with an investment or interest in E-Books. Editorial, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, and Production. Topics include: E-Book Trends: An Industry Analysts's Viewpoint, Usingsing E-Books now - Librarians provide insight into the good,the bad, and the not so bad, E-Books opening up new print possibilities, Which E-Book readers really make the difference and more. Day long seminar
London, UK
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STM Spring Conference: What keeps Scholarly Publishers up at Night? Political Environments: Threats & Opportunities, Copyright Challenges & Web 3.0 - 28 Apr 2009
Will provide scholarly publishing executives and senior managers with insights into current challenges & opportunities from. Topics include: communicating with the government, online piracy, publishing and the academy,public access to information, subscription fraud, the semantic wave and more. April 28 - 30, 2009
Cambridge, Massachusetts
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