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Going Green? Sustainable Publishing - 04 Nov 2009
How do you make the change to 'green' publishing? Is it worth your while? How do you ensure that your costs do not escalate as a result? How do you engage your staff?
London, UK
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Best Practices and Innovative Solutions, an Allen Press Webinar Managing Production Costs and Reader Preferences - 04 Nov 2009
Join Allen Press' professional staff for the third, one hour seminar starting at 11:00 a.m. Central Time. These days everyone is looking for ways to trim costs and increase efficiency. Often publishers feel they are faced with decisions that pit the need to reduce expenses against meeting readers’ needs and preferred formats. It doesn’t have to be an either-or proposition. This webinar will explore suggestions for managing the cost of print production, implementing cost-saving techniques for your editorial office, and combining technologies to provide flexible delivery of your content to meet a variety of reader preferences.
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Best Practices and Innovations, an Allen Press Webinar Series Best Practices for Publish Ahead of Print - 18 Nov 2009
Join Allen Press' professional staff for this last in the series of educational on hour long webinars for the editorial office, beginning at 11:00 a.m. Central Time. Preprints have gained in popularity as scholarly publishers strive to disseminate information to researchers more quickly, choosing not to wait for the printed publication. The model used for distribution, however, varies widely from publisher to publisher. In this session, we’ll explore several of the models used by publishers today and evaluate the merits of each. We’ll also look at common drivers and benefits of offering preprints and helpful tips for managing your preprint program.
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Marketing to Libraries - 20 Nov 2009
How can publishers get the librarians attention to maximise marketing potential? This seminar will cover this and all aspects of marketing to libraries.
London, UK
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