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2009 RSuite User Conference - 06 Oct 2009
RSuite is a content management system for publishers. The RSuite User Conference is a 1-day forum for current users and prospective users to come together and learn from past experiences, hear our architects discuss best practices, and preview the product roadmap. This year's conference is split into 2 tracks: business and technical. Business users can hear case studies from leading publishers while technical users can dive into RSuite's architecture, extensions, and customizations.
The Hub Cira Centre Philadelphia PA
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Allen Press Webinar: Annotating PDFs: A Piece of the Digital Workflow Puzzle - 07 Oct 2009
Join Allen Press' professional staff at 11:00 a.m. Central Time, for the first of four, one hour webinars. Communicating complex instructions and corrections to authors, editors, and typesetters amid the noise of busy schedules, hectic work spaces, and cramped margins can be challenging. If you’ve ever struggled to read someone’s notes in the margin of a manuscript or yearned for fewer stacks of paper on your desk, Annotating PDFs is the answer. This webinar will focus on how to use PDFs to improve efficiency and enhance communication for better results. It will cover basic and advanced tools, viewing options, printing options, and more. Implementing this practice is another step toward a truly digital workflow. Learn how annotating PDFs saves time and money and increases accuracy.
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Best Practices and Innovative Solutions; an Allen Press Webinar Series Using Kodak InSite: Uploading and Proofing Files - 21 Oct 2009
Join Allen Press' professional staff for this second in a series of one hour webinars for the editorial office, starting at 11:00 Central Time. Digital, or “soft,” proofing is the key to expediting proofing, communication, and file processing. Kodak’s InSite software is an effective means of moving your jobs through production faster, eliminating opportunities for error, confusion, or delay. This session will illustrate how soft proofing works—including how to upload files, how it differs from conventional proofing, and how it can be a great tool for collaboration and tracking changes.
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The Mobile Delivery of Content - 30 Oct 2009
The global acceptance of wireless mobile devices for communication and accessing information has grown to the point that the technology is now at the cusp of transforming the information industry. Cell phones, smart phones, netbooks and e-book readers are becoming essential conduits to information. Todays top-end smart phones are as powerful - by the computational calculation speeds of their processors - as were the worlds fastest supercomputer of only two-decades ago. This meeting will provide an overview of the current acceptance of mobile devices as an Internet access tool, along with case studies of information providers who are currently offering mobile-ready content. It will look at the challenges that must be met in content preparation and adapting to diverse technology infrastructures, and will discuss some of the new business practices and policies that are emerging as publishers and librarians experiment with providing mobile delivery of content. In closing, we will take a look at how this new delivery channel will evolve over the next five years.
Philadelphia, PA
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