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Introduction to Journals Marketing - 02 Mar 2010
This course provides an introduction to the changing and challenging role of promoting journals in today's market. Expectations of editorial boards can be high, and marketing staff need to be able to produce a plan, which is impressive to editors, delivers results and is achievable. Delegates will discuss a variety of promotional ideas and put them to the test by working on a case study.
London, UK
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Strategic Journals Finance - 09 Mar 2010
Strategic Journals Finance will be of importance to middle and senior publishing managers, who meet a multiplicity of financial problems in managing a journals portfolio. The aim of the course is to introduce finance and accounting problems that managers face at senior level, and to enable them to feel at ease working with finance and accounting experts.
London, UK
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OnCopyright 2010 - 10 Mar 2010
The debate over copyright—its value, its limits, its virtues and its future—is raging as never before. Technology innovation is creating new models for content distribution and disrupting the economics of entire industries. Ad-based media companies are wondering what the future holds and are questioning whether high-quality content is still a viable commodity. Artists are exploring new forms of creativity and pushing the edges of rights and ownership ever outward. And there are new calls from all quarters for changes in the laws governing fair use, search, aggregation and more.

Join us at OnCopyright 2010 as we explore these questions and more with some of the leading experts, practitioners and thinkers of the day. It's our future. It's OnCopyright.

Hosted by Copyright Clearance Center www.Copyright.com

The Union League Club, 38 East 37th Street, New York, NY 10016
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ALPSP Seminar: The Future of Academic Book Publishing - 18 Mar 2010
Chair: Sam Bruinsma, Brill Publishing
This ALPSP one-day seminar provides a unique opportunity to consider both the present situation facing academic and scholarly publishers of all shapes and sizes, and the likely direction for the business of academic book publishing in the immediate future.
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How to be a Successful Journal Editor - 25 Mar 2010
Editors are expected to not only accredit good content, but to take an active role in managing, developing and promoting their publication in both print and online. To be successful takes not only excellent academic knowledge and judgement, but also understanding of how to maximise the potential of a journal. This course is designed to allow editors the space to meet peers and discuss successful techniques for developing their journal - meeting the needs of authors, readers, their publishers and the public (industry, professions, research, etc.).
Oxford, UK
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