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ALPSP Seminar: Ready for Web 3.0? - 01 Jul 2010
1 day seminar (0930 - 1700)
The how, what and why of the semantic web and why it matters to scholarly publishers.

As we move into the next phase of the web, there are huge opportunities for publishers to make the most of the internet as a medium for scholarly communication. Enriched content, new discovery paths, interactive data are all ways of enhancing the research process and adding value to peer reviewed content. They also provide benefits to the researcher as they grapple with 'information overload'.

This seminar provides a non-techie overview of Web 3.0 (AKA the semantic web), focussing on the buzz words, the practicalities, the challenges and most importantly the opportunities. Case studies form a major part of the seminar and offer an insight into applications of semantic web technologies in different subject areas. The case studies highlight key issues including: workflow implications (for editorial and production), sales and marketing opportunities and ROI.

Who should attend: all those concerned with strategies for online content from an Editorial, Production, Sales or Marketing background. Librarians interested in how the delivery of online content is changing will also find this seminar useful.
London, UK
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Web 2.0: Online communities and social media - 05 Jul 2010
Web 2.0 principles and practices can allow publishers of all sizes to communicate and engage effectively with customers and communities in ways radically different from traditional marketing relationships, resulting in true two-way communication. This practical course will clear away any perceptions that Web 2.0 is a mix of confusing jargon and technology, and demonstrate how Web 2.0 thinking and tool use can help publishers to become more successful. Delegates should bring a laptop to the course.
London, UK
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