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US Voting Members of NISO approve new standardisation project, Criteria for Indexes

Voting Members of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) have approved a new standardisation project, Criteria for Indexes. This work, intended to become an ANSI st

US The Bibsam Consortium in Sweden signs agreement to participate in AIP Publishing’s ‘Read and Publish’ pilot program

AIP Publishing, a not-for-profit scholarly publisher in the physical sciences, has announced that the Bibsam Consortium in Sweden has signed an agreement to participate in AIP Publi

France The Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate’s new supplement ‘Agora’ to publish non-traditional scientific output in the field of space weather and space climate

The Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate (JSWSC), published by EDP Sciences, has announced the launch of a new

US Cooper Medical School of Rowan University launches new open-access scholarly journal

The Cooper Rowan Medical Journal (CRMJ), a new open-access, peer-reviewed biomedical science journal from Cooper Medical School o

Switzerland Prof. Yoichi Hayashi appointed section Editor-in-Chief for 'Artificial Intelligence' in Electronics

Prof. Dr. Yoichi Hayashi has been appointed Section Editor-in-Chief of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in

India Latest edition of Blogspeak now online

The latest edition of Blogspeak is now online. Featured are: Fiona Murphy, Nicky Agate, Amy Price, and Stephanie Hagstrom (Guest Post — Open Research in Practice: Moving from Why to How?); Shaun Khoo (Increasing open access publications se

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14 May 2018 Knowledgespeak Exclusive: An interview with Clive Snell, Managing Director, Info International

Artificial intelligence is selecting grant reviewers in China
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Monitoring the transition to open access: December 2017
Where Digital is Going? E-book adoption by the numbers

ConTech 2019 - 05 Dec 2019

Content creation and consumption is changing faster than ever before. This is impacting business mo

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