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New series of webinars and website content from SirsiDynix to address key industry resources, trends, and tools
- 19 Sep 2014

SirsiDynix is launching a new series of webinars, blog posts, and downloadable content to address topics surrounding the value, visibility, and usage of libraries. Topics will also include current software trends, library stereotypes, and the skills needed to stay current as technology influences the way people interact with information and information professionals.

The new webinars and website content will bring together some of the industry's top thought-leaders and valuable resources for any library, regardless of type or software.

According to Eric Keith, SirsiDynix VP of Marketing and Strategic Alliances, this new initiative will provide librarians access to resources and industry experts they may not have had before. This program connects librarians with industry thought-leaders to share their thoughts, ask questions, and get direct feedback.

SirsiDynix will be creating whitepapers, blog posts, and infographics discussing industry trends, challenges, recent news, and more. These will be posted to SirsiDynix's blog as they become available.

The first of the new series of webinars, titled "The Future of Library Software and What to do About It," will feature Marshall Breeding and will take place on October 1 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET.
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COPE North American Seminar 2014 focuses on new technologies and behaviours for identifying publication ethics issues
- 19 Sep 2014

The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) North American Seminar was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, this August with a record breaking attendance from across the region of 81 delegates. The focus of the seminar was new technologies and behaviours for identifying publication ethics issues and those present were fortunate to be involved in an engaging and informative program covering a wide breadth of topics including persistent identifiers in the authoring process, linked content, open access and copyright, and a panel discussion on the use of plagiarism checking software and its effectiveness in identifying misconduct.

Publication ethics are vitally important to editors and the scientific community as they are the foundation for the integrity of the published literature. The COPE seminar provided a supportive and collaborative forum for representatives from fields as diverse as dance, engineering and chemical physics to name but a few.

The audience was certainly captivated by the speakers and proceedings got underway with a presentation from Laurel L Haak, the Executive Director of ORCID, an international non-profit organisation. ORCID has the objective of providing a registry of unique research identifiers and a transparent method of linking research activities to these identifiers. Their spokesperson on the day started with a quick survey of the audience's participation and compliance in reporting researchers identifiers in their publications. This was promptly followed by a plea for the research community to adopt and embrace unique and persistent identifiers to reduce ambiguity and promote identity in the peer review process and beyond.

Michael W Carroll from Creative Commons took up the torch next and shared his perspectives on mobile platforms, linked content and copyright. He stressed that copyright only attaches to 'works of authorship' which fall under the umbrella of original expressions of ideas and facts whilst the facts and ideas themselves remain free to copy. He discussed what copyright law provides for authors in terms of their power to control the distribution and dissemination of their research and pressed home that linking is generally not covered by copyright.

Mark Seely from Elsevier followed up with an insightful presentation on open access models and copyright. BioMed Central was included in his presentation as one of the early instigators of open access publications, well before funding agencies had expressed their support of open access publishing, he noted. The key take home message from the talk was that journal user licenses must be clear and concise.

One of the many highlights of the day was a panel discussion on the use of plagiarism checking software with representatives from different disciplines debating how routinely they perform checks on manuscripts as part of their assessment of new submissions and the process they follow should potential overlap in content be detected. Amongst the informative discussions, the majority of delegates indicated that despite any degree of assessment and analysis by software, a human judgment is always required to determine the nature and extent of overlap and the implications for the integrity of the scientific record. This session was followed by breakout workshops where specific cases were deliberated over and this culminated in the concluding remarks from COPE council member Charon Pierson about how editors share information about misconduct. Dr Pierson championed the collaborative nature of the field of publishing, the availability of supporting guidelines, and circulated COPE's new discussion document on the sharing of information among editors-in-chief regarding possible misconduct.
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Open Access Week Kickoff Event program announced
- 19 Sep 2014

The 2014 International Open Access Week Kickoff Event, co-hosted by SPARC and the World Bank, will focus on this year's theme of "Generation Open." The hour-long kickoff event will take place on October 20 at 3pm EDT at the World Bank headquarters in downtown Washington, DC. It aims to provide a forum for students and early career researchers to have a lively conversation with an expert panel representing research funders, university administrators, and scholarly societies, exploring how the transition to Open Access affects scholars and researchers at different stages of their careers.

The event will also highlight some of the most interesting student and early career researcher-led initiatives that exemplify the "Generation Open" theme for International Open Access Week, including a preview of the worldwide launch of the Open Access Button.

Moderated by early career researcher Meredith Niles, the kickoff event will feature questions from both the in-person and online audiences. The panel will discuss the role that institutions central to a career in research can play in supporting-and rewarding-early career researchers in making their articles and underlying data openly accessible.

Expert panelists featured will include Stefano Bertuzzi, Executive Director, American Society for Cell Biology; Josť-Marie Griffiths, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Bryant University; Meredith Niles, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Sustainability Science Program, Harvard University; and erry Sheehan, Assistant Director for Policy Development, National Library of Medicine.

Topics of discussion will likely include the role research evaluation plays in incentivizing openness; how students and early career researchers have created change on campus and nationally; suggestions for how to advocate for Open Access with co-authors and PIs; what the institutions represented by the panelists can do to support early career researchers in making their work open; and more.

A free webcast and LiveBlog of the panel discussion will be available at http://live.worldbank.org. No registration is required to view the webcast; however, participants are strongly encouraged to sign up to receive event updates and reminders. The webcast and LiveBlog will be recorded and posted for use during and after local Open Access events.
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From augmented reality to zero warehousing, global drivers of innovation at the Frankfurt Hot Spots
- 17 Sep 2014

Payment systems for digital content, video tools for distance learning, potential uses for 3-D technologies, augmented reality in children's books: the exhibitors at the five Frankfurt Hot Spots offer a wide range of different solutions for all aspects of creating and distributing digital content. With more than 90 exhibitors from around 30 countries, the Hot Spots will once again showcase complex and innovative applications at the Frankfurt Book Fair (8-12 October 2014). Over the five days of the Book Fair the Hot Spots will host about 140 events and presentations, demonstrating the productivity and innovative strengths of the industry.

At the Hot Spot Digital Innovation (Hall 8.0 L 151), about 30 exhibitors will present their products. Surrounded by exhibitors from the English-speaking world, innovative technology suppliers and service providers like Page Foundry, AppGeneration, Contentra and Pan Asia demonstrate new solutions for the future of digital publishing. While Page Foundry (USA) is a developer of interactive e-book apps for large companies, the Portuguese company AppGeneration will present its product "KidsBookMaker" with which publishers can make their own apps for publishing on iPhones, tablets or Android devices. PanAsia from Taiwan offers distribution products as well as app development. For more than 10 years, Contentra has stood for "full life-cycle content management services".

The Hot Spot Education (Hall 4.2 C 85) is a meeting place for producers of teaching and learning aids, serious and educational games, digital whiteboards, education software and e-learning solutions. The many exhibitors include companies such as BBC Worldwide Learning (UK), Readspeaker (the Netherlands), Wiris (Spain), Knewton (UK).

The Hot Spot Mobile (Hall 6.1 D 138) is devoted to mobile technologies. It showcases the whole bandwidth of mobile business opportunities, from tablets and e-readers, to apps, network providers and content licensors. Among the exhibitors at the Hot Spot Mobile are Waterbear and BIGSTAR Global (Korea) as well as Jiangsu - Red Chamber Dream World from China.

The content and service providers working in the fields of STM&academic publishing, specialist information and libraries are pioneers of digitisation. At the Hot Spot Professional&Scientific Information (Hall 4.2 P 99), Kudos Innovations (UK) will present web-based products that help academics and universities to evaluate the searchability and the impact of their published articles. The company textovia offers all-round services for digital publishing, from word processing to the generation and sale of digital products. The research institution TIND Technologies is an official spin-off of CERN. It provides installation, integration and support services for the software Invenio, which was developed by CERN. As a web-based document management system (DMS), Invenio can be used for administering up to five million separate data files, handling all types of document, including academic papers, research data, reports, pictures and videos.

From "A" for asset management to "Z" for zero warehousing, at the Hot Spot Publishing Services (Hall 4.0 A 24), service providers from the print and digital fields can meet to present and collaborate on long-term innovations and customised solutions for the production and distribution of content. Here, the company Achilles will show off its quality packaging and stationery products, like ring binders, boxes and card indexes. Aquafadas Digital Publishing System offers an all-in-one solution covering all aspects of digital publishing, from content design and the creation of apps, to sales and analysis.

On the Wednesday of the Book Fair, all the Hot Spot exhibitors and their business partners will have a chance to do some networking and exchange ideas over a glass of wine or mineral water and a traditional German pretzel. The Happy Hour will take place on Wednesday, 8 October, from 6.30 to 8.00 pm, at the Hot Spot Professional&Scientific Information (Hall 4.2 N 95).

There will be two guided tours of the Frankfurt Book Fair Hot Spots, beginning at 11.00 am respectively on Wednesday and Thursday (8 and 9 October). The meeting place for Wednesday's tour will be the Hot Spot Digital Innovation (8.0 L 151); the tour will be followed by a visit to the exhibitors of the Hot Spot Mobile (Hall 6). On the Thursday, the tour will start at the Hot Spot Publishing Services (4.0 A 24); after having visited the Hot Spot Education, it will end at the Hot Spot Professional&Scientific Information in Hall 4.2. Please register for participation in these tours: hotspots@book-fair.com
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Digital Science's managing director Timo Hannay to feature in ALPSP's Masters In Publishing Series
- 15 Sep 2014

Digital Science's managing director Timo Hannay will be interviewed as part of ALPSP's Masters In Publishing Series.

The series aims to provide an in-depth look at leaders in the industry whose innovations are charting new courses and whose successes are built on both taking and managing risk. The inclusion of an interactive online discussion means that the events offer a unique opportunity to participate in conversations with leading innovators in scholarly publishing.

Timo's interview will cover a range of cutting-edge and topical issues. There will be a discussion of the large-scale trends affecting both the scientific journals industry and the research process itself. Timo will also discuss the need to master unfamiliar realms such as open collaboration and information technologies, as well as the ways in which publishing is no longer just about publications.

Past interviewees in the Masters In Publishing Series have included Elizabeth Marincola, CEO of PLOS and Howard Ratner, executive director of CHORUS.

The ALPSP International Conference 2014, which kicked off this week, also features a strong Digital Science presence. Amy Brand was the conference keynote speaker. Phill Jones is speaking on a panel titled "Competing with the Corporates". Euan Adie, founder of Altmetric, is also speaking on a panel titled "Metrics and More".

The event is taking place on September 23 from 3pm to 4.30pm (UK time). Interested parties can register for the ability to watch and participate online at http://tinyurl.com/lr3yq66.
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