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NFAIS launches Lunch&Learn Virtual Education Series
- 29 Jun 2015

The National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS), a global, nonprofit membership organisation serving the information community, has announced the launch of a virtual program called the NFAIS Lunch&Learn Education Series.

As part of this program, NFAIS invites information experts and professionals to submit presentations to speak in one of the scheduled Lunch&Learn webinars beginning in September 2015. Accepted presenters will share their experiences and expertise on relevant topics in information services, and make valuable contributions to the information community.

Interested potential speakers can submit presentations by August 7, 2015 to be considered for acceptance by NFAIS's Workshop and Webinar Planning Committee for the first set of webinars this fall and in 2016.

Attendees of the Lunch&Learn education series will have access to a dynamic, interactive webinar forum to hear from their peers and learn about emerging technologies, innovative business models, plus new thinking and ideas in the scholarly research and publishing fields. The Lunch&Learn Series is free for NFAIS members while non-members are charged a nominal fee.

Throughout the NFAIS Lunch&Learn education series, presenters will be scholarly and commercial publishers, government officials, entrepreneurial startup leaders, research librarians, data and database professionals and more. Topics covered will range widely from open access, discovery and mobility of information, research data management and publication, the globalization of content, to how new content platforms are changing the game for scholarly researchers and publishers. Attendees of this education series will be at the forefront of understanding what's new, cutting edge and thought-provoking in the information services community.

Presenters can read about the NFAIS Lunch&Learn presentation guidelines and the evaluation process at the program's website.
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Elsevier unveils seven Library Information Science Books at ALA Annual Conference&Exhibition
- 26 Jun 2015

STM publisher Elsevier has announced the publication of seven new library and information science books, including Digital Futures, a co-branded book project with the UK's Jisc; Informed Systems by Mary M. Somerville; and Marketing the 21st Century Library by Debra Lucas-Alfieri.

These and four others will be featured in the library information science (LIS) portfolio in Elsevier booth #504 at the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference&Exhibition, June 25-30, in San Francisco. Two of the authors are presenting at ALA in Elsevier's booth and at a luncheon speaker event as part of Elsevier's new Library Learning Trends, a professional development program for librarians.

In order to meet content needs in library and information science, Elsevier uses proprietary tools to identify the gaps in coverage of the topic. Editorial teams strategically fill those gaps with content written by key influencers in the field, giving students, practitioners and researchers the content they need to answer challenging questions and improve outcomes. These new books, which will educate the next generation of library and information science experts and provide critical foundational content for information professionals, are key examples.

A co-branded project with Jisc, Digital Futures: Expert Briefings on Digital Technologies for Education and Research resulted from the Jisc Digital Festival 2014 (Digifest), an event featuring experts on digital education and research. Edited by current and former Jisc leaders Martin Hall, Martyn Harrow and Lorraine Estelle, the book brings cutting-edge discussion - as heard at Digifest - to information professionals and academic librarians. Digital Futures provides expert briefings on emerging trends in digital technologies that are transforming teaching and research in higher education.

Informed Systems: Organizational Design for Learning in Action was written by Dr. Mary M. Somerville, a University Librarian and Professor at the University of Colorado Denver and Library Director at the Auraria Library, a tri-institutional organization serving the University of Colorado Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and Community College of Denver. Dr. Somerville is speaking twice on June 27, first from 8:30 - 10 am in an ALA session on "Lifelong Learning for Libraries: Using Organizational Learning Theory to Manage Change," and later at 11 am in the Elsevier booth on the topic of "Informed Systems."

Marketing the 21st Century Library: The Time Is Now was authored by Debra Lucas-Alfieri, MLS, head of Reference and Interlibrary Loan at D'Youville College in Buffalo, NY. Ms. Lucas-Alfieri will present three case studies from her book during the Library Marketing and Outreach Interest Group Meeting at the ALA conference on June 27, 10:30 - 11:30 am, and will then discuss "Information Through the Ages" in the Elsevier booth on June 28, at 11 am.

The new library and information science books available now are: Marketing the 21st Century Library: The Time Is Now by Debra Lucas-Alfieri; and To MOOC or Not to MOOC: How Can Online Learning Help to Build the Future of Higher Education? by Sarah Porter.

New LIS titles coming in July are: Digital Futures: Expert Briefings on Digital Technologies for Education and Research, edited by Martin Hall, Martyn Harrow and Lorraine Estelle; Informed Systems: Organizational Design for Learning in Action by Mary M. Somerville; Managing Scientific Information and Research Data by Svetla Baykoucheva; Information Professionals' Career Confidential: Straight Talk and Savvy Tips by Ulla de Stricker; and Strategic Human Resource Planning for Academic Libraries: Information, Technology and Organization by Michael Crumpton.

The books are available on the Elsevier Store and on ScienceDirect, Elsevier's full-text scientific database offering journal articles and book chapters from over 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and more than 33,000 book titles.
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Elsevier announces Clinical Solutions leadership webinar series
- 25 Jun 2015

Top clinical thought leaders from STM publisher Elsevier will discuss hot topics in the healthcare industry in a leadership-oriented series of free webinars starting this week. Elsevier Clinical Solutions' ClinicalKey is presenting these webinars with Health IT Outcomes.

Michelle Troseth, Chief Professional Practice Officer for Elsevier Clinical Solutions, will present on June 25, on The Role of Practice Interoperability to Achieve an Integrated Health System.

Troseth's webinar, moderated by Health IT Outcomes' Editor John Oncea, will start at 2 pm ET, on June 25. Interested parties may visit http://tinyurl.com/nfg8b6f to register for the webinar.

Future webinars in this series will cover such topics as consistency of care, population health, and opportunities for improved patient outcomes. In addition to Troseth, these webinars will feature Dr. Peter Edelstein, Chief Medical Officer for Elsevier Clinical Solutions.
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Elsevier to launch a professional development program for librarians and information resource managers at ALA Annual Conference
- 24 Jun 2015

STM publisher Elsevier has announced the launch of Library Learning Trends, a professional development program for librarians and information resource managers. The program kicks off with four events at the American Library Association (ALA) 2015 Annual Conference in San Francisco, June 25-30.

Library Learning Trends taps into the knowledge and expertise of authors for Chandos Publishing, the Elsevier imprint covering library information science (LIS). Content from these books and authors will offer librarians and information resource managers the latest views on a variety of topics and provide career development opportunities, both in-person and online.

At the ALA Annual Conference at Elsevier booth #504, librarians can enter Book Giveaways at the Elsevier booth each day to win LIS books. Three Chandos authors- Mary M. Somerville, Linda Frederiksen and Debra Lucas-Alfieri - will give presentations in the booth on challenges faced by today's library information professionals on June 27 and June 28.

Also at ALA, Elsevier is hosting a free luncheon and speaker event, Data-driven Decision Making in the Library and Beyond, on June 27, 12-1:30 pm at Parc 55 San Francisco (a Hilton Hotel), Mission Room - 4th floor, 55 Cyril Magnin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, a 10-minute walk from Moscone Convention Center. Anne Mitchell, Head of Acquisitions, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries, and Mary Somerville, University Librarian and Professor at University of Colorado Denver, will discuss how they use information to shape decisions and how to share this information outside the library to further align strategic goals. Interested parties may visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3V7FGYS to register for this event.

Library Learning Trends online offerings include content from Chandos books via Elsevier Connect. Lastly, a free ebook, Marketing the Academic Library, contains chapters from five Chandos books and is available as a PDF or ePub file. More ebooks of this type will be available in the future as part of the program.

All of the Chandos LIS books are available on the Elsevier Store and on ScienceDirect, Elsevier's full-text scientific database offering journal articles and book chapters from over 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and more than 33,000 book titles.
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EDP Sciences issues findings from working group on peer review
- 22 Jun 2015

EDP Sciences, a not-for-profit publisher, recently released information on the findings and recommendations of a working group into the peer review process. The meeting involved a committee of experts linked to the European Physical Journal (EPJ) including Editors-in-Chief, Associate-Editors, members of the Steering Committee and researchers involved in Scientific and Technical Information. EPJ itself, represents 25 European Physical Societies through its Scientific Advisory Committee.

The aim of the workshop held in Paris in May was to consider whether peer review is adapting to present day demands and constraints, and to consider and make recommendations to EPJ and their partners regarding new practices and improvements that could be made to their procedures.

The workshop firstly confirmed the value of in-depth, quality peer review as an essential part of maintaining the highest possible scientific standards. The huge improvements in availability of information online, only serves to further emphasise the need for this vital filtration service, managed by publishers.

There was consensus that the role of Learned Societies is critical, in not only ensuring transparent evaluation criteria, based on scientific quality and originality, but also in developing broader cultural, economic, technological, and social impact. They called upon Learned Societies to advocate The San Francisco Declaration of Research Assessment (DORA), within their relevant scientific communities.

Their findings also showed that the quality of refereeing was seen as an important factor in attracting authors to publish in EPJ. The workshop recommended that publication of significant reviewer reports alongside articles - once approval is received from the reviewer and author - would promote transparency of the process, give referees more recognition for their work, and provide a useful service to readers.

Finally, the workshop concluded that the concept of portable peer review - whereby previous referee reports are shared when an article is rejected and submitted to another journal - could represent significant improvements in service to the research community, by shortening processing times, and relieving workload pressures on reviewers.
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