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Figshare and DuraSpace webinar to discuss possibilities for integration between Figshare for Institutions and DuraCloud
- 28 Jul 2015

London-based data repository organisation Figshare and DuraSpace will host a webinar to discuss the possibilities for integration between Figshare for Institutions and DuraCloud. The webinar, scheduled for August 20, from 7pm - 8pm BST, will be presented by Dan Valen, Product Specialist, Figshare, and Carissa Smith, Product Manager, DuraCloud. It will cover the integration and show how the collaboration combines the end-user experience of Figshare with the powerful storage, management, and preservation functionalities of DuraCloud.

With Figshare for Institutions, universities and colleges can manage their research outputs from point of creation and data management plan through to its publication and subsequent impact. DuraCloud automatically copies institutional content onto several different cloud storage providers. The Figshare and DuraCloud collaboration will then ensure all of the captured data is managed and preserved appropriately to align with institutional and funder policies.

Figshare, along with Digital Science, is a member of the DuraSpace not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to support open source technologies and services that promote durable, persistent access to the scholarly record.

Interested parties may visit https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6840332684298257666 to register for the webinar.
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IFLA, FAO and COAR to organise Sustainable Development Goals: The Impact of Access to Information on our Societies e-forum
- 22 Jul 2015

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and COAR, are organising an e-forum on 'Sustainable Development Goals: The Impact of Access to Information on our Societies' which will take place from September 7-18, 2015.

This online event has the objective of providing a forum for institutions and individuals to discuss how libraries and information centers can promote the adoption of access to information as part of the post-2015 agenda, in particular United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Lyon Declaration, an advocacy document being used to positively influence the content of the UN post-2015 development agenda, will play a key role in this discussion.

The event will offer webcasts by experts to provide important background information for participants and to help stimulate dialogue and discussion around three main questions: what are the ways that access to information (and more narrowly open access) contributes to sustainable development?; How can libraries and information centres promote the adoption of access to information as part of the "post-2015 agenda, in particular SDGs"?; and what can we do collectively - for example, through COAR, FAO and IFLA- to raise awareness of open access and access to information in the context of SDG discussion?

The e-forum will take place from September 7-18, 2015. It is aimed at information professionals in general, any person related to access to information, libraries, information centers is invited and encouraged to participate in the forum.

During the e-forum, webinars will take place to support the discussions. Announcements will be distributed one week before each webinar. The first webinar will take place on September 6 at 11:00 with the title 'Libraries, The Lyon Declaration, and the Road to 2030' by Stuart Hamilton, Deputy Secretary General, Director, Policy&Advocacy at the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).

The e-forum is open to anyone, places are not limited. Those interested to participate in this online event, can use the form at https://dgroups.org/fao/ciard-econsultation/sdgs-impact-access-information-societies/join.
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Major repository networks agree to collaborate on data exchange, technological development, and metadata
- 17 Jul 2015

Three major regional open access repository networks and aggregators (OpenAire, LA Referencia, and SHARE), along with the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) and Center for Open Science (COS) met in Charlottesville, Virginia, to discuss synergies and potential areas of collaboration on July 9 and 10, 2015.

Open access repositories are being adopted around the world to support and promote open science, a trend that maximises investments in research by making research outputs freely available to the world. Many of these repositories are connected via regional aggregators, which form sustainable, distributed repository networks that provide access to and preservation of the valuable content created through research and scholarship.

However, research is international, with researchers collaborating across regions and continents to solve the world's most critical problems such as climate change, health, and economics. The aim of this meeting was to ensure that regional repository networks are complementary, more integrated, and working together to create a seamless global network.

The meeting revealed that the objectives, technologies and use cases for all three networks are highly aligned and that there is a strong willingness to work together. In particular, a number of specific areas were identified in which the networks commit to collaborate on. These include regular data exchange; common metadata and vocabularies; common technological services; and ongoing dialogue.

Over the next several weeks, the groups will develop a more detailed plan for achieving specific outcomes.
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The Frankfurt Book Fair and Publishing Perspectives to host The Markets: Global Publishing Summit
- 15 Jul 2015

A new conference to kick off the Frankfurt Book Fair, to be held the day before the fair officially opens (14-18 October 2015), will set the theme for the world's largest industry meeting: 'The Markets - Global Publishing Summit' is the name of the one-day event, developed by the team led by Holger Volland, VP Business Development of the Frankfurt Book Fair, in cooperation with the U.S. trade journal Publishing Perspectives. The programme focuses on seven international book markets, which will be introduced by industry experts and analysed from various points of view, with the aim of initiating deals on the spot as well as bringing to light potential areas for business.

For each book market, one segment with its specific features and trends will be highlighted:China - International partnerships and joint ventures; Germany - Academic publishing and specialist information; Indonesia - Trade publishers; Mexico - Trade publishers; South Korea - Education and children's books; Turkey - The total market; and USA - Digital publishing and innovation.

Each of the seven markets will be presented by an analyst from the respective country, who will explain and elucidate the market's potential and the business opportunities for which it is best suited. The invited experts will provide an overview of trends and overarching market developments. Placing the individual markets in a global context, they will reveal what makes each of these markets unique and where the opportunities for business and growth lie.

Directly initiating contacts will be at the heart of the meetings with the seven respective market representatives, who, in individual or group discussions, will also respond to detailed and individual questions and call attention to opportunities.

The following experts will participate in The Markets among others: Emrah Özpirinçci, Managing Director, Oxford University Press (Turkey); Nermin Mollaoğlu, Kalem Literary Agency, Istanbul (Turkey); Metin Celal, Publisher, Metis Yayincilik (Turkey); Rafli L. Sato, Publisher, BAB Publishing (Indonesia); Thomas Nung Atasana, International Rights Director, Borobudur Agency (Indonesia); José Ignacio Echeverria, President, Cámara Nacional de la Industria Editorial Mexicana (Mexico); Joe Wikert, Director of Strategy&Business Development, Olive Software, Inc. (USA).

Further information about the event and how to register is available online at http://www.TheMarkets2015.com and http://www.book-fair.com. An early-bird discount of 20 per cent off regular ticket prices is valid until August 15, 2015.
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ARL's series of webcasts present findings from latest SPEC surveys
- 09 Jul 2015

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) is offering a series of webcasts that present the findings from the latest SPEC surveys and allow webcast participants to discuss trends with the survey authors. A 45-minute webcast will follow the publication of each SPEC Kit in 2015.

The second webcast in this series will cover the Community-based Collections survey (SPEC Kit 347), an exploration of collections that have been amassed not by one individual but by a collective, which may take the form of a museum, ethnic or cultural organization, or other diaspora group active in the documentation of its past. In addition to more traditional roles such as caring for the physical collection, in working with community-based collections libraries are navigating new territory with the integration and stewardship of these active and directly connected communities. An ongoing commitment to community engagement-with some level of shared governance or other collaborative activity to build, process, or publicize the collection-is often a key part of acquiring community-based collections.

This study covers ARL member library activities that support community groups in the collection, documentation, and stewardship of their shared heritage, including public outreach and educational initiatives relating to the collection.

The 'Community-based Collections' webcast will review survey findings reported by ARL member libraries in March 2015. The survey and SPEC Kit authors will provide a snapshot of community-based collections at ARL member libraries; discuss community stewardship practices; and review rewards and challenges reported by survey respondents.

The webcast will also include a discussion of promising trends and conclude with a question-and-answer session. Read the freely available executive summary of the survey results in advance and have your questions ready!

The webcast is scheduled for August 12, 2015, from 1:00-1:45 p.m. eastern daylight time. Interested parties may visit https://arl.formstack.com/forms/spec_webcast_2 to register online. All registrations are due by August 5, 2015.
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