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RSC welcomes learned societies' increased role in education

(rsc.org): The restructuring of GCSEs and improved regulation should go some way to curbing the grade inflation that has been allowed to grow out of control. Exam results are like house prices. We all want to see them go up over time, but shoot up too far, too fast for too long and we've got a problem on our hands.
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Does Intelligent Design Help Science Generate New Knowledge?

(evolutionnews.org): It's important to realize that when dealing with historical sciences like neo-Darwinian evolution or intelligent design, new knowledge takes the form of both practical insights into the workings of biology in the present day (which can lead to insights into fighting disease), as well as taking the form of new knowledge about biological history and the origin of natural structures. This article brings out examples of areas where ID is helping science to generate new knowledge.
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Is the future of eBooks really disposable paper eReaders

(tech.blorge.com): University of Cincinnati professor of electrical engineering, Andrew Steckl has shown that a paper based display technology is possible. If Steckl can perfect it, expect low cost disposable eReaders to hit the shelves. Call this an ironic twist but eReaders have been touted as a way to do away with book waste. Rather than tossing old paperbacks into the local landfill you can just delete books from your eReader - no muss, no fuss, no trash.
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Copyright: A Closer Look At The Issues With eBooks

(guardian.co.uk): A recurring question in discussions of digital copyright is how creators and their investors (that is, labels, movie studios, publishers, etc) will earn a living in the digital era. Copyright is in tremendous flux at the moment; governments all over the world are considering what their copyright systems should look like in the 21st century, and it's probably a good idea to nail down what we want copyright to do. Otherwise the question "Is copyright working?" becomes as meaningless as "How long is a piece of string?".
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New e-Publishing law in final stages in Syria

(yalibnan.com): A new e-publishing law in Syria is now in its final stages for approval. The law has received considerable coverage since the drafting started in early 2010. The details of the law are yet to be cleared out, and coverage thus far has been contradictory. The law officially aims at creating a legal framework for news websites to operate within.
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