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Books are victims of new technology

(enterprisenews.com): Sales of eReaders have exploded and eBook sales have increased 10-fold in the past two years. With the youth of the world driving the market, newspapers and books might seem less interesting to some than digital eBooks and online newspapers. The newspaper industry has certainly felt the impact and strived to make adjustments. Now, booksellers are doing the same. But our focus today is on school libraries and how they have changed in just a few short years..
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Cloud Data Protection Necessary, Attainable

(information-management.com): Access control rules, strong authentication and best-of-breed network security infrastructure topped the list for cloud requirements in a new survey on cloud security conducted by Hubspan, a provider of cloud-based business integration services. A majority of respondents (84 percent) agree that sensitive data can be safely stored in the cloud.
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Learning to navigate the library an invaluable skill

(miscellanynews.com): With midterms over and paper-writing season well underway, a study by Project Information Literacy and sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation has been released that examines how undergraduates use information resources in their research. The study is based on a survey of 8,000 students on 25 campuses, and describes what to many of you may be a familiar state of affairs: a feeling of bewilderment as you look out upon a seemingly formless and fathomless sea of information and wonder how to begin.
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Libraries reinvent themselves to stay relevant

(vancouversun.com): In the struggle to stay relevant - and ultimately to stay open - libraries are reinventing themselves in ways unimaginable even a few years ago, preparing for a future in which most materials can be checked out and read from a home computer, smart phone or electronic reading device. University and public libraries are rushing to push as much material as they can onto the Web, so patrons can peruse genealogical records, historical maps or rare volumes without leaving home.
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Shared Access and Reuse of Publicly Funded Scientific Data

(eprints.org): The scientific community generates increasingly vast amounts of publicly funded digital data and information, and disseminates much of it online. The public investment in the production and management of such data resources in the United States alone is estimated to be several billions of dollars. Research communities within the United States and throughout the world have adopted different policies regarding whether or not to require publication of publicly funded data, how the research data and information created by individuals and projects are to be made available, and the terms under which that material may be reused by other parties. At the same time, there appears to be a broad recognition in both the public and private sectors of the importance of broad access to and reuse of publicly funded scientific data, not only for other researchers, but for the economy and society at large.
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