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The economic case for open access in academic publishing

(arstechnica.com): As hyperbolic as it may sound, academic publishing is the curator and guardian of the accumulated scientific knowledge of the human race, 1600 to present. It is also a cornerstone of modern science, preferentially selecting well-executed research through the peer review process. However, academic libraries are facing decreasing budgets, and even highly ranked universities are having to cut back on journal subscriptions. Since these subscriptions account for up to 75 percent of publishers' revenues, the entire system is feeling the pressure of the economic crisis.
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Why content is still king in online world

(asiaone.com): The amount of information being generated is outpacing the human race's ability to digest it. For example, about 145 gigabytes (GB) of data exist for each person on earth. Commercial companies worldwide generated about 48 billion GB of data last year. WalMart, the world's largest retailer, has more than one billion GB of customer data on its servers. To put this in perspective, a normal human being can, at best, read two GB of text in an entire lifetime..
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Information Overload Is Not Unique To Digital Age

(npr.org): The flood of data on the Web has reached mind boggling proportions, and it shows no signs of stopping. But wait, says Harvard professor Ann Blair - this is not a new condition. It's been part of the human experience for centuries.
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E-book Piracy Is Here. So What?

(pcworld.com): Nobody working within publishing will be surprised at the development of e-book piracy. Most have been waiting for it. There are significant differences between e-book piracy and that of music and movies, and these differences are very likely intentional..
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Remote library ebook downloads under threat

(computeractive.co.uk): The Publishers Association has set out guidelines placing restrictions on ebook lending that puts this service under threat. Many libraries around the UK currently operate an e-lending service. Members are given a passcode and can log on to their library site to download a title wherever they have an internet connection.
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