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eBook business heats up as sales projections surpass US$1-billion

(financialpost.com): The book publishing industry is on the verge of a digital reinvention. With sales of paperless books now expected to reach US$1-billion by year's end, tripling to US$3-billion by 2015, eBooks are set to become the standard way of reading. At that size [of sales] and higher, not only do publishers need to take digital seriously, they must make it the new default for publishing, preparing for a day in which physical book publishing is an adjunct activity that supports the digital publishing business.
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Lack of Plan for EPA Libraries Threatens Access to Environmental Information

(ombwatch.org): After more than three years of development, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has yet to complete a strategic plan for its library network or to inventory the network's holdings, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The Bush administration controversially moved to close several agency libraries, but opposition from Congress and the public pushed EPA to reverse course and reopen the libraries. However, the GAO report makes clear that additional steps are needed to ensure the library network's valuable holdings are genuinely accessible to the public.
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Funding still an uphill struggle for African academies

(scidev.net): African academies are still battling to obtain funding and recognition from policymakers despite several efforts to strengthen them. This message came out of the sixth meeting of the African Science Academy Development Initiative (ASADI) taking place in Somerset West near Cape Town, South Africa, this week (7-11 November)..
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Why The Book Business May Soon Be The Most Digital Of All Media Industries

(paidcontent.org): Consider it an inauguration of sorts, a celebration of the e-book industry becoming a member of the major media club just as digital music and online video have before them. When you influence a billion dollars, people have to take you seriously. In the book business, it means that traditional publishers can no longer live in deny-and-delay mode; meanwhile, digital publishers get invited to better parties and people in other media businesses like TV and magazines look over and wonder if they could cut a slice of this new pie just for them.
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Can Cloud Computing Dial Back the Data-Energy Overload?

(pro.gigaom.com): Cloud computing is often seen as a net addition to IT's growing draw on the world's energy supplies. But what if it could bring energy efficiency gains to offset its role as a booster of IT growth? A new study from Microsoft, Accenture and WSP Environment and Energy says that moving business applications to the cloud can cut the associated per-user carbon footprint 30 percent for larger, already-efficient clients and as much as 90 percent.
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