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Libraries evolve as U balances books

(mndaily.com): Recent cuts have had adverse effects on operations while the collections budget remains untouched. The University Libraries budget for fiscal year 2010 was about $36.3 million, a reduction of more than $1 million from the previous year. Cuts have had an adverse effect on operations, which include everything from staff, technology and equipment, facilities maintenance and supplies.
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French Senate passes new e-book law

(dw-world.de): The French Senate has passed the first reading of a bill that would allow publishers to set a fixed price on e-books, in a bid to try to protect publishers and smaller retailers as the e-book market takes off. The bill, which is expected to pass the National Assembly later this month, would let publishers set e-book prices. The idea is to prevent publishers from being undercut by the likes of Amazon or Apple.
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Open-and-Shut Case: Do Open-Access Journals Enhance Scientific Progress?

(scientificamerican.com): The trend of increasing open-access publication has many singing its praises, but not everyone sees unbridled scientific advancement. In the past dozen years or so scientists have increasingly turned toward "open access" (OA) publication, where full-text articles, research results or complete journal issues are freely available online, rather than accessible only to subscribers who pay for a subscription, as a way to make these metaphorical giants' shoulders more widely accessible.
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US Trade Agency Releases Final Text of ACTA

(pcworld.com): Negotiators working on a controversial international copyright-enforcement agreement have finalized the language in the proposed pact, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative said Monday. The final language of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is available at the USTR's website. The proposed agreement, encompassing the U.S., U.K., Japan, the European Union and several other nations, would require signing nations to include border searches in their copyright enforcement measures.
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Copyright fear mongering hits a new high

(p2pnet.net): A coalition of English-language writers organizations have publicly posted their response to Bill C-32. Despite an ideal opportunity for constructive dialogue and a good faith effort to find compromise positions on the more contentious elements of the bill, the groups have chosen to increase the level of fear mongering with a misleading and often inaccurate document that implausibly claims the end of Canadian publishing is near if C-32 is passed in its current form.
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