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Google executive pushes privacy concerns

(ctv.ca): Google's global privacy counsel says he's surprised by how few people choose to control what ads are steered their way -- a tool which the Internet search giant launched, albeit with minimal fanfare, over the past year. Paris-based global privacy counsel Peter Fleischer said Tuesday that the tool -- which enables users to prevent targeted ads or alter the parameters used to steer ads their way -- was visited by tens of thousands of people per week.
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The OCLC Research Survey of Special Collections and Archives

(oclc.org): Special collections and archives are increasingly seen as elements of distinction that serve to differentiate an academic or research library from its peers. In recognition of this, the Association of Research Libraries conducted a survey in 1998 that was transformative and led directly to many high-profile initiatives to "expose hidden collections." As this OCLC Research report reveals, however, much rare and unique material remains undiscoverable, and monetary resources are shrinking at the same time that user demand is growing..
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e-book concept struggles to take off in Japan

(mainichi.jp): According to the nationwide poll conducted in September, only 10 percent of those surveyed said they have read e-books, with youngsters showing more interest in the new reading method. About 30 percent of those in their late teens through 20s have read e-books, while only 3 to 4 percent of those in their 50s or older have done so, the survey has shown.
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The Printing Industry transformed

(technorati.com): The printing industry is just one example of an entire industry movement that is changing while keeping up with the development of new technologies. The printing revolution is centered on the trend away from hard-copy publications towards digital media mainly because of its inherent convenience. Newspaper circulation has decreased significantly, newspaper jobs have been lost, and many newspapers have gone out of business.
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New search method tracks down influential ideas

(princeton.edu): Princeton computer scientists have developed a new way of tracing the origins and spread of ideas, a technique that could make it easier to gauge the influence of notable scholarly papers, buzz-generating news stories and other information sources. The method relies on computer algorithms to analyze how language morphs over time within a group of documents -- whether they are research papers on quantum physics or blog posts about politics -- and to determine which documents were the most influential..
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