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Some Progress But Not Enough: GAO Issues Update on the EPA Library Network

(infotoday.com): Thirty-three months after its assessment of the 2007 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) library reorganization was issued, the U.S. Governmental Accountability Office (GAO) released its Report to Congressional Requesters (GAO-10-947) on the EPA library network, EPA Needs to Complete a Strategy for Its Library Network to Meet User Needs, dated Sept. 30, 2010. GAO's 2008 report condemned the EPA for not following best practices and procedures when deciding to close five of its libraries, reducing hours of operation in four, changing the nature of operations in another, and not adequately informing stakeholders as to the impact those changes might have on their work.
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Copyright Is A Fear-Based Reaction To Open Access To Knowledge

(techdirt.com): The question of copyright seems to weigh heavily on just about everyone's mind. Copyright is only perceived as an obstacle if you are intent on maximizing access to the works of human intellect and creativity. If you are afraid of what open access means, then copyright looks like a bulwark.
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EPA Needs to Complete a Strategy for Its Library Network to Meet Users' Needs

(gao.gov): The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) library network provides agency staff and the public with access to environmental information. A 2006 attempt by EPA to reorganize its network by consolidating libraries and making more materials and services available online caused concern among users, and in 2007, EPA put a moratorium on its reorganization plans. Congress requested that GAO report on the reorganization and has again requested a follow-up on these issues.
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ICO says it must stay calm over Google Street View data breach

(nj.com): The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has released a statement clarifying its position after Google admitted that its Street View cars collected some private data from open wireless networks. The independent regulatory office, which deals with the Data Protection Act and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, has had to speak out due to the furore written in the national press about how Google had collected passwords and emails..
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Cloud Computing, Mobile Apps Among Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011

(phoneplusmag.com): Gartner has identified what it believes will be the top 10 technologies that will impact the way we live and work over the next few years. The research firm recently released its annual list of Top 10 strategic technologies, which it defines as technology with the potential for significant impact on the enterprise in the next three years..
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