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Effective search terms yield the right information

(alphagalileo.org): It does not matter how good a search engine is if the person doing a search does not ask for the desired information in the right way. So far, a great deal of the research on information retrieval has aimed to develop search algorithms and powerful search engines. Yet, a new doctoral thesis on natural language processing from the University of Gothenburg shows that it is also important to look at the terms people type into the search box..
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California Could Reduce College Dropouts, Save Millions in State Funds by Utilizing Technology

(interestalert.com): In a report released this week, the American Institutes for Research (AIR) found that $467 million was spent by the state of California from 2003 to 2008 to support students at four-year colleges and universities who leave school before their sophomore year. The report also found that nationally, state and federal governments spend more than $9 billion -- including $7.6 billion in state appropriations and grants -- on students who will not return for their sophomore year.
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E-books, iPad, Kindle not the death of publishing

(cio.com.au): The publishing industry must embrace e-books and engage with the IT industry in order to reimagine book production, a Web development and publishing industry consultant expert has warned. Speaking at the Web Directions South 2010 conference in Sydney, Web developer and founder of publishing think tank PRE/​POST, Craig Mod said traditional thinking around e-book devices like the iPad and Kindle has prevented the publishing industry from moving to a new paradigm.
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Standish-Sterling officials investigate putting all textbooks on e-book readers

(arenacindependent.com): Standish-Sterling Community Schools is looking toward the future with the implementation of e-book readers and interactive white boards in its schools. Director of Instructional Services for Standish-Sterling Community Schools Beverly Skinner said the school district is reviewing its technology plan for the next three years.
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Libraries must branch out into a world of tweets and blogs

(openpr.com): It is seven years now since the principle of legal deposit was extended to cover digital content. Since then, the British Library has pioneered technology for digital storage and preservation. By 2020, it is estimated that 75 percent of all titles worldwide will be published either digitally or in both print and digital. Users will expect seamless access to all that information and will assume that everything is available on the web.
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