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Gartner predicts strong growth for tablet market

(itpro.co.uk): Western Europe will account for 28 per cent of tablet sales this year, Gartner has claimed in its latest study. These figures were dwarfed by the US cut of the market at 61 per cent, but strong growth in the market will change this. By 2014, Gartner research vice president Carolina Milanesi, predicted the US market would fall back to 43 per cent while Europe would account for a more evenly-balanced 37 per cent of sales.
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Recession-beating Academic Publishers Support Research and Education

(prweb.com): In a world where the internet has increasing global reach, Open Access publishing, a model operating on the principle that published works are free of charge to download, print and use for anybody, anywhere in the world, has the potential to change a lot about the way that people access and distribute knowledge. This has especially far-reaching implications in science, technology and medicine since researchers will be able to share their findings with colleagues all around the world regardless of their ability to pay for scholarly literature and travel costs.
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Science and OA help UN achieve 2015 Millennium Development Goals

(blogs.openaccesscentral.com): Following the UN summit in New York, progress of the 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is an international talking point. Science is acknowledged as a significant factor in helping to achieve these MDGs, a number of UN targets intended to reduce global poverty and improve living standards.
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Dividends predicted for open culture

(timeshighereducation.co.uk): The British Library aims to build a concrete case for open access in the academy, with research findings from an exhibition that opened this week expected to provide evidence that research quality will improve in a culture of greater openness. Aleks Krotoski, researcher in residence for the Growing Knowledge: The Evolution of Research exhibition, will spend the next year gathering information on how researchers make use of digital technology to obtain and analyse data.
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It's all about survival in e-book industry

(business.globaltimes.cn): Survival of the fittest - the theory that the best-suited mutations will become dominant - may decide the fate of some companies in China's crowded e-book industry after the government recently kicked in new regulations aiming to limit new players. The new rules, designed to secure the long-term development of the industry, will give momentum to dominant firms, while potentially spelling bad news for smaller rivals, said Liu Liang, an analyst with Beijing-based iResearch.
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