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Virtual E-Book Summit Targets Libraries

(publishersweekly.com): A one-day online event that featured a keynote by technologist Ray Kurzweil and more than 15 hours of presentations, "E-Books: Libraries at the Tipping Point" focused on every aspect of the developing e-book market and its impact on public, school, and academic libraries. Held September 29 and organized by Library Journal and School Library Journal, the virtual "summit" on e-books certainly delivered on its promises. The conference was meant to address the fact that "public and school libraries are struggling to understand the e-book industry. The aim was to bring libraries and publishers together and offer a huge knowledge dump about what e-books are and what the challenges are for libraries.
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A Library Without Walls

(nybooks.com): Can we create a National Digital Library? That is, a comprehensive library of digitized books that will be easily accessible to the general public. Simple as it sounds, the question is extraordinarily complex. It involves issues that concern the nature of the library to be built, the technological difficulties of designing it, the legal obstacles to getting it off the ground, the financial costs of constructing and maintaining it, and the political problems of mobilizing support for it.
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Big Pharma hired ghostwriters to distort truth about hormone replacement therapy drugs

(naturalnews.com): When medical journals and journal supplements publish scientific information about drug research, you know the information has been carefully reviewed and is accurate and factual. But, it has now been documented that Big Pharma has literally paid writers to twist the truth about bad outcomes and to sneak distorted information and marketing messages into so-called "serious" medical journal articles.
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Reed Business Information gets sued for computer usage violations

(theinquirer.net): Reed Business Information (RBI) is getting sued for computer misuse by construction industry portal Bidclerk.com. The construction networking site alleges that RBI's computers were performing denial of service attacks on Bidclerk.com and that it orchestrated a coordinated "click fraud" scheme aimed at the portal's paid advertisements..
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Tablets and E-Readers Give Hope to Publishers, but Not Broadcasters

(dailyfinance.com): Listening to the messianic way publishers talk about the Apple (AAPL) iPad and other tablet reading devices, it's hard not to ascribe some of their enthusiasm to the wishful thinking of people who see their own extinction approaching. But a new yet to be released consumer research suggests their confidence may, in fact, be grounded in reality.
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