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In a Tough Market, University Press Aims to Streamline Production

(cornellsun.com): Several University divisions took the first step in May in a three-year project to develop a book publishing model that will sustain academic research and publishing in an increasingly turbulent market. The Cornell University Press, Cornell University Library, and the German Studies department collaborated to publish a book series in German Studies called Signale: Modern German Letters, Cultures, and Thoughts.
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Call for lecturers to share resources

(jisc.ac.uk): Contributing to open repositories helps resources to be discovered more widely. Currently over 80 UK universities are involved in the pilot open educational resources programme run by JISC and the Higher Education Academy with all outputs made available via JorumOpen. 1At the start of a new academic year, JISC is encouraging lecturers and trainers to share their teaching materials -as a competition highlights useful resources from across the UK.
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The future of content curation

(mediatel.co.uk): With an explosion in the amount of content vying for our attention, quality content curation of all kinds has a high value. It's a function long owned by magazine and newspaper publishers through the role of the Editor, but now for some one performed by the networks that we're a part of, or by technology through social bookmarking services like Delicious, or Apps like Instapaper, or social content aggregators like Paper.li that collect together the most popular links shared by the people you follow on Twitter or around a particular hashtag.
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Are Peer-Reviewers Overloaded? Or Are Their Incentives Misaligned?

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): When multiple scientists come up with similar solutions simultaneously, it may be time to take notice. In this week's issue of Science, a letter to the editor, titled "Battling the Paper Glut," proposed a solution to finding competent reviewers.
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Librarians are self-archiving at twice the global baseline rate

(openaccess.eprints.org): Holly Mercer reports that the self-archiving rate in library and information science is nearly 50% among librarians (and double the 20% global baseline even among nonlibrarians). Nevertheless, not even all articles for which immediate OA self-archiving has been endorsed by their publishers (c. 58-68%) are yet being self-archived even in library and information science, let alone the over 90% after embargo (or the 100% that can be deposited immediately in Closed Access allowing the semi-automatic eprint-request Button to provide Almost-OA during any embargo).
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