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Publishers Try an End Run Around Apple's iPad Policies

(marketingvox.com): Rumors are circulating that Apple is on is way to developing a digital newsstand that lets publishers sell subscriptions to magazines and newspapers. This would be separate from the individual issues marketed through the App Store, through which publishers have been selling since the iPad's launch.
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Open Source tool set to design and run applications across all screens

(alphagalileo.org): With the mobile internet growing exponentially, the call to develop a single universal platform for the development of mobile internet applications is becoming stronger than ever. That is why more than twenty partners from research and industry, representing the mobile web, consumer electronics and the automotive industry, have teamed-up to create the Europe-wide Project "Webinos". Led by the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, a consortium of major, international companies will develop an open source platform and software components that will allow cross-platform use of services and technologies that can be operated on multiple screens.
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E-books: A new chapter begins

(cbc.ca): A decade ago, in the early days of digital music, a battle over who would control the market never really happened. The technology and business model were too new and unproven so many potential players stayed away, thereby paving the way for one company - Apple - to step in and capture the market. Today, there is a fierce fight going on for the burgeoning and quickly growing e-book market. Determined not to let one company - Amazon this time - run away with it, a number of players have stepped forward to duke it out.
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E-readers, tablet devices contribute to gold usage

(commodityonline.com): In a short time, tablet-type mobile devices like Apple's iPad and standalone e-readers Amazon's Kindle have seen great consumer growth, with millions of these devices sold. These devices rely on semiconductors, which in turn use gold bonding wire. Thus growth of these mobile machines could mean a pickup in gold industrial use in coming years, although how significant it will be remains to be seen.
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Google "Watch this space" branding campaign in Australia

(topnews.co.uk): Google has launched its "Watch this space" branding campaign in Australia to educate agencies and marketers about its display advertising platform. "Watch this space", which has been developed by Google's Creative Lab and marketing team, is the internet search giant's biggest branding campaign in Australia to date. The campaign has been localized by digital agency Sputnik, while media planning and buying has been handled by PHD. It includes online, direct mail, print, and outdoor activity.
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