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Anger as a Private Company Takes Over Libraries

(nytimes.com): A $4 million deal to run the three libraries here is a chance for the company to demonstrate that a dose of private management can be good for communities, whatever their financial situation. But in an era when outsourcing is most often an act of budget desperation - with janitors, police forces and even entire city halls farmed out in one town or another - the contract in Santa Clarita has touched a deep nerve and begun a round of second-guessing.
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Tech innovations boost digital publishing

(en.ce.cn): China's digital publishing is striding forward with unprecedented speed, bringing more and more fresh and wonderful reading experience to readers. The innovation in digital publishing is not confined to the reading terminal. From the production and purchasing of content to reading, innovation in every part of digital publishing has been emerging one after another.
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Moving science communication into the public sphere--how?

(scienceblogs.com): There has been much discussion about scientific papers being over-valued. Outreach is critical, especially in this age of increasing science denial and devaluation, it's unclear how scientists are to be rewarded for this, when there's already so much to be done when it comes to research, teaching, and other forms of service.
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Monitoring Healthcare Market Trends With Outsell

(econtentmag.com): For the past few years, one could hardly turn on the television or open a newspaper without hearing about healthcare reform or the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Outsell's David Bousfield has taken a deeper look at how content companies can use one to improve the other in his report "Growth Trends in the Market for Clinical Decision Support Tools.
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Does All Scientific Work Deserve Public Attention?

(wired.com): Isn't science the aggregate of the work of numerous individuals? Isn't science the summation of countless studies that build upon each other? Not every scientific paper needs to be communicated to the public. Heck, most papers don't need to be. Why? Because most scientific papers don't report major breakthroughs. The bulk of the scientific literature reports the results of studies, experiments, or methodologies that are very specific and narrow to specific problems.
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