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Google "Watch this space" branding campaign in Australia

(topnews.co.uk): Google has launched its "Watch this space" branding campaign in Australia to educate agencies and marketers about its display advertising platform. "Watch this space", which has been developed by Google's Creative Lab and marketing team, is the internet search giant's biggest branding campaign in Australia to date. The campaign has been localized by digital agency Sputnik, while media planning and buying has been handled by PHD. It includes online, direct mail, print, and outdoor activity.
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One billion subscribers to own smartphone devices in 2013, says research

(mobileeurope.co.uk): The number of smartphone users is expected to grow very rapidly within the coming years to exceed the one billion mark by 2013, according to the latest forecasts from Informa Telecoms&Media. The growth will be driven by the ongoing competition between top tier OEMS and challengers such as Google, RIM, Apple and Microsoft who are racing to create the best possible user experience at lower pricing points, it says. Although Symbian currently leads the market, Android will become the most popular brand in the mobile OS market as it is expected to attract more than half billion users by 2015.
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Open Access Week 2010

(blogs.openaccesscentral.com): Open Access Week 2010 is just around the corner. Taking place between 18th-24th Oct, this global event aims to open the public's eyes to the benefits of open access in scholarly publishing and its impact on scientific progress across disciplines and society as a whole.
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Let's Stop Publishing Research Papers

(chronicle.com): You do the research, write the paper, submit the paper, wait for peer review, and then, if the paper's accepted, wait several months for the journal to publish. Once it's published what you've written is available to only a handful of journal subscribers and most of them won't read it anyway. Is that really the best way to get an idea out there?.
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The Vanishing Line Between Books And Internet

(forbes.com): E-books to date have mostly been approached as digital versions of print books to be read on a variety of digital devices, with a few bells and whistles--like video. While the false battle between e-books and print books will continue--you can read one on the beach, with no batteries; you can read another at night with no bedside lamp--these battles only scratch the surface of what the move to digital books really means. They continue to ignore the real, though as-yet unknown, value that comes with books being truly digital; not the phony, unconnected digital of our current understanding of "e-books."
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