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E-reader roundup: 8 devices compete for the crown

(computerworld.com): For the first time in centuries, how we read is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. E-readers -- as well as tablets that provide e-reader capabilities -- are among the fastest-growing segments of the electronics industry. For example, during a session on e-readers that the International Digital Publishing Forum conducted at BookExpo America in May, several of the panelists emphasized the smashing success of e-readers during the 2009 holiday season.
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Will researchers go elsewhere if US stemcell money dries up?

(energypublisher.com): Imagine you're a scientist. You spend ten years of you life reading about your topic, going to conferences, working long hours in the lab, thinking about your chosen puzzle from every angle imaginable. Finally, you think you're within a stone's throw of a solution and… your funding is cut, dried up, gone. There's no closure, no sense of accomplishment, no thank-you. You have to choose a new project and move on. You feel like you just wasted ten years of your life.
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Why the Open Access Financial Model Will Continue to Transmogrify

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): The premise that now distribution is virtually free gets it wrong in the exact opposite way. The problem now is that information production is becoming more expensive as more value has to be added upstream by publishers in the digital age; that same value has to be maintained and enhanced for a longer period and constantly; and that same value has to be migrated to an increasingly diverse and demanding digital infrastructure..
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India's Desire To Monitor Networks Poses Challenge For Google

(online.wsj.com): India's push to monitor communications networks raises questions as to how Google Inc. (GOOG) might satisfy the country's authorities. One approach that might work: installing servers in India that give officials access to network traffic, people familiar with the industry say. If Google chose that approach, the servers likely would not host Gmail content in India, but would enable local authorities to access users' communications in a fashion similar to a phone wiretap, according to three networking experts who are either familiar with Indian regulations or Google.
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Tapping the tablet boom

(moneyweb.co.za): The chipmakers behind the touchpads that are killing off the laptop mouse and the keys on a mobile phone are battling for supremacy in the latest blockbuster gadget -- the tablet PC. Tablet PCs are set to capture three-quarters of the PC touch market this year, from below 4 percent in 2009, crushing opposition from notebooks, netbooks and monitors.
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