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E-journals Dominate, Access Not an Issue, Skimming Increasing

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): Generally, researchers are dealing with too much information, and feel there's "too much literature being produced." The abundance of articles and other demands created "too many time constraints militating against full and considered reading." As a coping mechanism, researchers are "skimming and dipping" more than ever - not a new observation, but apparently the behavior is becoming more prevalent.
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Pundits predict plunging iPad market share

(reghardware.com): Acer's chairman JT Wang may believe Apple's share of the tablet market may shortly plunge to between 20 and 30 per cent, but market watcher iSuppli doesn't see it falling below 60 per cent, for the next few years at least. Wang argues that the arrival of a fleet of Android-based tablets from his company and others will together grab the lion's share of the tablet market, leaving Apple with a fifth of the business. That assumption is based on the way the desktop computer market developed: give people a standard platform - the Wintel PC - and punters will buy into its openness instead of closed, proprietary platforms.
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The E-Reader Price Wars Heat Up

(pcworld.com): E-reader prices are tumbling, but is it enough for stand-alone e-book devices to stay alive? The battle for tech-savvy bookworms is on, with Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Sony competing to sell e-book reader hardware. And as the major players struggle for better position in the electronic-publishing industry, recent months have seen price drops, new devices, and defeats.
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Data Management in Medical Imaging

(prlog.org): The volume of data produced when implementing medical imaging in the Pharmaceutical industry is huge. With applications in drug discovery&development along with clinical trials, data retention policies also mean this data may need to be stored for many years, in accordance with regulatory guidelines. This can present a huge problem to those generating and storing the data. Settling on an efficient data management system can be the key to minimising the difficulties for those involved.
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New Research Suggest Google Book Search Helps Publishers A Lot More Than It Hurts

(techdirt.com): Google Book Search (GBS) has captured the attention of many commentators and government officials, but even as they vigorously debate its legality, few of them have marshaled new facts to estimate its likely effects on publishing and other information markets. This Article challenges the conventional wisdom propounded by the U.S. and German governments, as well as Microsoft and other competitors of Google, concerning the likely economic impact of mass book-digitization projects.
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