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34 new stem cell journals since 2004: is this a good thing?

(arstechnica.com): Five years ago, it would take a lot of effort just to find a single scientific journal devoted to stem cells. Now, the authors of a survey of the field found 34 of them without even trying that hard; meanwhile, major results can find a home in less-specialized journals like Development, Nature, and Science. The authors consider two possible outcomes of this proliferation of journals, both of them potentially disturbing for the scientific community: either the new journals pay host to a lot of low-quality papers, or abuse of peer review is driving otherwise good work into obscure outlets.
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Digital books are changing our reading patterns

(thejakartapost.com): By the end of next year, you'll be more likely to see people reading on a digital device than a print version. Airlines will hand them out at the beginning of the flight instead of newspapers, along with a warning during the security demonstration not to steal them. (I was on a flight the other day that reminded people it was a serious offence to steal the lifejackets. What kind of people take planes and then steal the one thing standing between them and a watery grave?)
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Reference List Length and Citations: A Spurious Relationship

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): The length of a paper's reference list is also associated with the number of citations that a paper receives, writes Zoe Corbyn in this week's Nature News, reporting on a study of more than 50,000 papers published in the journal Science. This association, writes Corbyn, provides evidence of widespread corruption in the citation process by involving a mutual "I'll cite your paper if you cite mine" tactic designed to benefit both the citing and cited authors.
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Experts argue over merits of 7-in. iPad

(reuters.com): Analysts split over reports that Apple may be readying a smaller iPad for launch later this year. According to a story published Taiwan's Chinese-language Economic Daily News financial newspaper, Apple is prepping a 7-in. iPad for a holiday launch later in 2010. The newspaper cited sources that said several Taiwanese component makers have won contracts for a smaller iPad.
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The iPad, the Kindle, and the Immutable Laws of the Marketplace

(spectrum.ieee.org): After months of wild proliferation, the list of e-reader manufacturers is now shrinking, even as the market expands. Few companies can compete on what has suddenly become the most important aspect of e-readers: the price. The first casualties of the price wars were the high-end devices. When the iPad hit the market in an explosion of hype and hysteria for just US $500, it suddenly seemed ludicrous that anyone would pay more for a dedicated reader with a monochrome display.
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