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Are eBooks More Eco-Friendly Than Printed Books?

(daemonsbooks.com): One argument heard against e-readers like Kindles and nooks is that they are environmentally unfriendly when compared with the printed book. This argument always seemed counterintuitive because of all the paper, and therefore trees, required to make books. On the other hand, e-readers require electricity to run and will likely end up in landfills when they are obsolete. So which is more eco-friendly?
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It's Going Too Fast - Can Embargoes Manage the Real-time Web?

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): Expectations are changing. You can feel it in our publishing cultures, a change that's been percolating for years - publish-ahead-of-print or online-first or papers in press or fast-track or red swift or what have you, these ways of meeting the need for speed just continue to compound. But even the real-time Web can be slowed down.
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Shanghai rankings rattle European universities

(google.com): Research fraud and limited academic freedom make China an unlikely arbiter for international university excellence, but a Shanghai school's rankings are making Europe's education ministers sweat. France's higher education minister travelled to Jiaotong University's suburban campus last month to discuss the rankings, the Norwegian education minister came last year and the Danish minister is due to visit next month..
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Harvard is urged to detail inquiry

(boston.com): Scientists are calling on Harvard University to make public details about the findings of its three-year internal investigation of psychology professor Marc Hauser's laboratory, which found evidence of scientific misconduct. Though Hauser has told colleagues the case is closed and one of his papers is being retracted, Harvard has not disclosed information about the nature of the misconduct, nor even acknowledged that it conducted an investigation of the star faculty member. Harvard says such inquiries are confidential.
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Digital Imitation Is A Form Of Flattery For Old-Guard Publishers

(paidcontent.org): Though many professional analogue publishers are lazily shoveling their one-dimensional print editions on to e-readers, increasing numbers of them are also designing custom tablet editions that are truly suited to the device's unique form factor. Traditional-media operators can take heart and feel flattered at digital-native developers' stumbling attempts at mimicking old formats in new gadgets. But they should also stay alert - the digital space where old and new meet is providing ample opportunity for upstarts to cast themselves in incumbents' image, and add plenty more besides.
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