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Industry-paid studies likely to favor company drug

(reuters.com): When drugmakers fund studies of their own products, the results are much more likely to be positive than when the government picks up the bill, US researchers have said. They found that about 85 percent of industry-backed studies reported positive outcomes, compared to only half of those with federal funding.
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Information Explosion&Cloud Storage

(wikibon.org): Even in 2009′s "Great Recession," the amount of digital information grew 62% over 2008 to 800 billion gigabytes (0.8 Zettabytes). It is projected that the amount of digital information that will be created in 2010 could fill 75 billion fully-loaded 16 GB Apple iPads. What's critical to realise is that 35% more digital information is created today than the capacity exists to store it; and this number will jump to over 60% over the next several years.
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As e-readers and tablets flood the market, how should you respond?

(inlandpress.org): E-readers and tablets-like the Apple iPad-are sure to have a growing impact on the newspaper industry, but the devil is in the details as to whether they represent a viable new revenue stream for publishers. Given the huge success of the iPad, other manufacturers have announced plans to release new tablets later this year based on the Android operating system and Windows 7.
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Metadata, Not E-Books, Can Save Publishing

(toc.oreilly.com): E-books represent a format, just like hardcovers and paperbacks. Because they are a different format, they require different pricing. Things that are consumed and priced differently do open themselves up to a new market but unless that new consumption method is revolutionary, the growth (new readers) to the market cannot be large. E-readers will never be purchased by non-readers in the hopes of becoming readers (until they reach an extremely cheap price-point).
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Amazon Kindle, Larson Success Show E-Readers Are Here To Stay

(pcworld.com): The future is looking bright for e-books. This week brought two important announcements: Amazon reported that its Kindle e-reader, recently lowered to $189 from $259, has sold out (albeit temporarily); and the late Swedish writer Stieg Larsson, best known for his Millennium Trilogy, has become the first author to sell more than 1 million e-books in the Kindle Store. These developments suggest that e-books are finding a mainstream audience that appears eager to read book-length material on portable electronic devices, including the Kindle and other standalone e-readers (e.g., Barnes&Noble Nook, Sony Reader), and on smartphones and the Apple iPad.
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