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The iPad, the Kindle, and the Immutable Laws of the Marketplace

(spectrum.ieee.org): After months of wild proliferation, the list of e-reader manufacturers is now shrinking, even as the market expands. Few companies can compete on what has suddenly become the most important aspect of e-readers: the price. The first casualties of the price wars were the high-end devices. When the iPad hit the market in an explosion of hype and hysteria for just US $500, it suddenly seemed ludicrous that anyone would pay more for a dedicated reader with a monochrome display.
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A Taxonomy of Social Networking Data

(schneier.com): Info security expert Bruce Schneier has developed an interesting and useful taxonomy of social networking data. The taxonomy was published in the July/August 2010 issue of IEEE Security&Privacy. It was first presented at the Internet Governance Forum meeting last November, and again revised at an OECD workshop on the role of Internet intermediaries in June.
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Rethinking Peer Review As The World Peer Reviews Claimed Proof That P≠NP

(techdirt.com): This week, the world has been taken by storm by claims from Vinay Deolalikar, that he has proved P≠NP, one of (if not the) biggest problem in math and computer science which has potentially huge implications (pdf). However, what's interesting is that the paper started getting a ton of attention prior to any sort of peer review... but all of the attention around it has resulted in people (experts and non-experts alike) around the world beginning to take part in a self-organizing peer review on the fly.
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The precious unprinted contents of books

(guardian.co.uk): The growing sense that books may be about to become redundant is producing a good deal of sentimental chatter on - where else? - the internet. As the growing popularity of ebooks makes us wonder whether print and paper will soon become the sole preserve of collectors and retro-heads, book-lovers seem to be dwelling particularly on the physical aspects of the paper object. It's not the words that will disappear, after all, just the way they are revealed to us.
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iPad Owners Prefer Reading on Device Over Print

(designtaxi.com): People who own Apple's iPad prefer reading on their tablet over print material, according to a survey conducted by Cooper Murphy Webb in the UK. 41% of the 1,034 UK iPad owners surveyed say they'd rather read ebooks on the iPad as opposed to physical versions. Newspapers and magazines fared the same-31% would rather the digital versions over print.
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