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How Libraries Stack Up: 2010

(oclc.org): This new report examines the economic, social and cultural impact of libraries in the United States. As the current economic environment is impacting library budgets and library usage is increasing, particular attention is paid to the role that libraries play in providing assistance to job-seekers and support for small businesses.
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Tablets not set in stone as vendors apply some post iPad adjustments

(telecomtv.com): The tablet market stuttered the moment the iPad hit the streets as erstwhile competitors took time out to 'rethink and refine' (and copy the best features). But now it looks like it's back with Motorola and Verizon leading the charge. The news this week that Motorola and Verizon are gearing up to introduce a tablet targeted for the TV-viewing audience adds a new twist to this business, although specific details of the rumored device are few and far between.
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e-book pricing probe intensifies

(channel.hexus.net): The agreements between publishers and retailers such as Amazon and Apple will be scrutinized as Connecticut's attorney general warns deals have resulted in less competition and pricier titles for consumers. Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut attorney general showed off a preliminary review of the pricing agreements between five of the US's largest publishing houses and e-book retailers Apple and Amazon.
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Why Metadata Matters for the Future of E-Books

(wired.com): The world of digital publishing can be a lot more complicated than deciding whether to buy a Kindle, Nook, or iPad. If you want to know just how complex things are getting, just ask a publisher, author, or agent about Andrew Wylie. Along with Amazon announcing its new Kindle, the major - and I mean, epoch-making - news in digital publishing in these circles last week was when Wylie, a literary agent, finally made good on his threat to bypass publishers by inking a deal giving the exclusive e-book rights to his agency's backlist to Amazon, through his imprint called Odyssey Editions.
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The Great E-Reader Shakedown

(thenextweb.com): It turns out that if you fight the big boys you often get burned. The giants of the e-reading space are competing at such a high level that the market's smaller competitors are leaving in droves. Not that these companies don't manufacture other products, they are just shutting down their e-reading operations. In effect, they are folding to a market squeeze.
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