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The Open Access Availability of Library and Information Science Literature

(crl.acrl.org): To examine the open access availability of Library and Information Science (LIS) research, a study was conducted using Google Scholar to search for articles from 20 top LIS journals. The study examined whether Google Scholar was able to find any links to full text, if open access versions of the articles were available and where these articles were being hosted.
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The Intellectually Dishonest Claims Of Those Fighting Against Open Access To Federally Funded Research

(wikibon.org): Scientific journals, as you probably know, are basically a huge scam. Unlike most publications, the journals don't pay the people who provide all the material in those journals. Instead, the researchers pay the journals to publish their research. Not only that, but in exchange for paying the journal, the researchers also have to hand over their copyright on the research. This gets really ridiculous at times, as professors with have needed to totally redo their own experiments because some journal "owned" their research, and they couldn't reuse any of the data.
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Hard times for traditional books as China's digital publishing industry grows

(independent.co.uk): The days of the traditional book in China are numbered, according to figures just released by the central government, as it seems that more and more people are now turning their attention to digital forms of publishing. China's General Administration of Press and Publication says that in 2009 for the first time the value of digital publications surpassed that of traditional means.
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Open source book publishing gets a boost

(networkworld.com): The idea of using open-source functionality in the book publishing field has, slowly but surely, gained more momentum lately. The ever-increasing costs of textbooks, not just on the college level, is a sore spot, especially when, in some cases, the content has changed little (math, for example). And with the publishing technology available today, there's no excuse for books to be too expensive for schools to purchase.
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Left-handed Cancer, Box Springs, Scientific American, Branding, and Credibility

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): Credibility is key to scientific communication. It's the flipside of trust. Journals have to trust authors, professionals have to trust journals, and the public has to be able to trust popular translations of information out of journals in addition to trusting that the entire process is solid. When trust isn't rewarded even infrequently, suspicions creep in, and the credibility of scientific communication is put at risk. A recent study hit on all these areas of trust and credibility.
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