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Emerging-technology expert calls for open access to academic knowledge

(timeshighereducation.co.uk): It is almost "criminally irresponsible" to hoard academic knowledge in the digital age, according to a Canadian specialist in the field. Brian Lamb, manager of emerging technologies and digital content at the University of British Columbia, also said that open educational resources (OERs) could help to reassert the academy's role as a "leader and guardian of free and open enquiry". He made the comments at the Open Educational Resources International Symposium in London, which was sponsored by the Joint Information Systems Committee.
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Delusions, Illusions, and the True Costs of Digital Publishing

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): A premise of the Internet publishing revolutionaries has been that because distribution is ubiquitous, the marginal cost of content approaches zero, meaning that information should become much cheaper than it once was. In fact, it should be free once a modicum of cost is paid for - hence, the open access model, for instance, or the devalued online access prices for institutional access, for another instance.
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Apple sued for Overheating iPads: eBook Reader Outrage

(product-reviews.net): It has been reported that three people are jointly filing a lawsuit against Apple, over claims that the company lied to them about promises made about the iPad's eBook reading capabilities. According to this report from CNN, the iPad shuts off after a certain amount of hours, when exposed in direct sunlight. The users have said that Apple hasn't met it's promises when they said that reading on the iPad is 'just like a book'.
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Is Kindle Experiencing the "Sold Out" Track As Apple?

(toptechreviews.net): E Ink Holdings has been widely known as the prominent company that makes the screen for Amazon's Kindle devices. A spokes person from E Ink Holdings said that the company is fully dedicated to enhance the Kindle experience and for that very purpose, they're all working to increase the capacity of the Kindle devices. This "capacity" thing is more of adjustment campaign that will let E Ink Holdings to meet the requirements of the market. As per the records, the Amazon Kindle has completely sold out at $190 price tag.
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US charges scientist with economic espionage

(nature.com): Could publishing a scientific article constitute an act of economic espionage? That question lies at the heart of charges against a Massachusetts-based scientist accused of passing US trade secrets to China. Ke-xue Huang, a Canadian citizen and permanent US resident, was arrested on 13 July, and has been charged under a law designed to protect intellectual property held by US companies.
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