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In E-Publishing Revolution, Rights Battle Wears On

(npr.org): If you've noticed a lot more people with their heads buried in electronic readers, instead of hardcovers or paperbacks, then you may already know that the publishing industry is in the middle of a revolution - and the dust may not settle for a while. All sides - publishers, agents, retailers - are scrambling to be in the best position for the moment when digital books take over once and for all, and if current developments are any indication, that takeover isn't far off.
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LCA Applauds Librarian of Congress in Broadening Exceptions to Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

(arl.org): The Library Copyright Alliance (LCA) applauds yesterday's decision issued by the Librarian of Congress to significantly broaden the exemption for the creation of film clip compilations for classroom and educational use to all college and university faculty, regardless of academic discipline. According to Section 1201 (a) (1) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the Librarian of Congress is allowed once every three years to adopt exceptions to the anti-circumvention provisions that place technological protections on copyrighted works. In this latest round of exemptions, the Librarian of Congress, acting on the Register of Copyright's recommendations, ruled in accordance to the requests made by Library Copyright Alliance members
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The Mandate of Open Access Institutional Repository Managers

(openaccess.eprints.org): Open Access (OA) Institutional Repository (IR) managers need to remind themselves that their mandate is to see to it that their IRs are filled with OA's target content (peer-reviewed research journal articles) so as to maximize the accessibility, visibility, usage and impact of their institution's research output. Their mandate is not to seek or provide alternative "business models" for journal publishing.
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How Library of Congress's Digital Copyright Exemptions Affect E-Books

(dailyfinance.com): As electronic books become more of a mainstay thanks to Amazon's (AMZN) Kindle and Apple's (AAPL) iPad, the publishing industry must address one of the thorniest issues of a digitally inclined reading world: How do they protect their books from pirates without alienating loyal customers who just want to read their e-books when they want to, wherever they want to? Finding an answer that satisfies both sides of the equation just got a lot more complicated, thanks to the Library of Congress's newest edict with respect to exemptions from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, which governs how companies large and small go after those who willfully flout copyright and copy-protection.
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Are e-books killing

(kxly.com): Something new comes along and replaces something old. Cell phones killed the landline, email eliminates the need to send a letter, grunge music killed the hair bands of the 1980's. Is the same thing happening to books? Are we'all going to be reading books on a screen from now on? Not exactly. The Association of American Publishers reports the sales of physical books are up, too - 11.6 percent over last year. Audiobook sales are also up 72 percent! When you do the math, it's simple - more people are reading.
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