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Semantically Enhancing Collections of Library and Non-Library Content

(dlib.org): Many digital libraries have not made the transition to semantic digital libraries, and often with good reason. Librarians and information technologists may not yet grasp the value of semantic mappings of bibliographic metadata, they may not have the resources to make the transition and, even if they do, semantic web tools and standards have varied in terms of maturity and performance. This paper presents some lessons on building small, focused semantic digital library collections that combine bibliographic and non-bibliographic data, based on specific topics. The tools map and augment the metadata to produce a collection of triples. We have also developed some prototype tools atop these collections which allow users to explore the content in ways that were either not possible or not easy to do with other library systems.
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The future holds no paper, no books; but expect lots of reading

(digitimes.com): The rise of e-books will restructure the publishing industry, with paper mills, print shops, conventional publishers, book distributors and bookstores having the potential to gradually disappear, while makers of e-paper and display panels will help publishers integrate and market content online, and non-professionals will take a DIY approach to publishing their writing. However, the recent launch of the iPad has caused uncertainty for the business outlook of e-books. Although e-book readers and tablet PCs are different in functional appeal and usage environments, the segments can still work together to develop the market, despite having some unavoidable competition
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The Benefits of Integrating an Information Literacy Skills Game into Academic Coursework: A Preliminary Evaluation

(dlib.org): This article describes a new tool for teaching information literacy skills to college undergraduates. BiblioBouts is a game built on premises of educational gaming that came out of research published in the October 2008 issue of D-Lib Magazine. BiblioBouts seeks to satisfy student requests for a gaming experience directly integrated into their current coursework. Alpha testing of the game focuses on answering three main questions: Is BiblioBouts an effective approach for teaching undergraduate students information literacy skills? Do students want to play this game? What improvements does BiblioBouts need? Student response has been encouraging on all fronts. Contact information is provided so that interested parties can learn more.
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EPA Updates Environmental Reference Bibliography

(epa.gov): An updated 2010 edition of EPA's Core List for an Environmental Reference Collection is available through the Agency's digital publications archive. The purpose of the Core List is to identify key information resources in the areas of environmental protection, management and science. The Core List was developed by EPA's National Library Network for EPA information professionals, state environmental librarians, environmental libraries in other countries, and other individuals involved in developing or managing collections of environmental information resources.
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Shorter census harms health care, journal says

(cbc.ca): The federal government's decision to eliminate the long census form in 2011 will negatively affect how health information is gathered and acted on, says an editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The editorial, published Thursday, says the reduction in the amount and type of information collected about Canadians via the census will impede how health programs are planned and executed.
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