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Using a Core Scientific Metadata Model in Large-Scale Facilities

(ijdc.net): In this paper, the authors present the Core Scientific Metadata Model (CSMD), a model for the representation of scientific study metadata developed within the Science&Technology Facilities Council (STFC) to represent the data generated from scientific facilities. The model has been developed to allow management of and access to the data resources of the facilities in a uniform way.
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U.S. Declares iPhone Jailbreaking Legal, Over Apple's Objections

(wired.com): Federal regulators lifted a cloud of uncertainty when they announced it was lawful to hack or "jailbreak" an iPhone, declaring Monday there was "no basis for copyright law to assist Apple in protecting its restrictive business model." Jailbreaking is hacking the phone's OS to allow consumers to run any app on the phone they choose, including applications not authorized by Apple. At stake for Apple is the very closed business model the company has enjoyed since 2007, when the iPhone debuted.
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Millions of Americans use Twitter, just don't ask them to pay for it

(digitaljournal.com): According to a new study by the University of Southern California's School for Communication and Journalism, half of all Americans have used a Web application such as Twitter, but none of them would be willing to pay to use them. The study called "Surveying the Digital Future" found that Americans have a strong negative reaction when it comes to paying for online services.
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Google Metaweb Deal: Is Google's Internal R&D Not Delivering?

(newsbreaks.infotoday.com): Google's recent purchase of semantic database start-up Metaweb may suggest a broken research program. Google bought a company with a large open source term list known as Freebase and technology to identify people, places, and things. Google invested in next generation content processing with its hiring of high profile IBM researcher Ramanathan Guha and a promising content processing company several years ago. With the deal for Metaweb, are Google's internal engineering solutions not up to snuff? Has the rise of Facebook tightened the thumbscrews on Google's paws? Or is it more of a managerial issue?
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Why It Is Not Enough Just To Give Green OA Higher Weight Than Gold OA

(openaccess.eprints.org): MELIBEA's validator assesses OA policies using an algorithm that generates for each policy a one-dimensional measure, "OA%val," based on a number of weighted factors. In assigning weights to these factors it is it not just a matter of whether one puts a greater weight on green than on gold overall.
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