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Academic Fraud in China

(economist.com): CHINA'S president, Hu Jintao, speaks often and forcefully of the need to foster innovation. He makes a strong case: sustaining economic growth and competitiveness requires China to get beyond mere labour-driven manufacturing and into the knowledge-based business of discoveries, inventions and other advances. Yet doing so will be hard, not least because of the country's well-earned reputation for pervasive academic and scientific misconduct.
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Library offers eBooks for checkout by computer

(theindependent.com): It is no longer necessary to go to the library to check out a book. With newspapers, magazines and more taking on virtual forms, library books have held out longer than most. But last week at the Grand Island Public Library, library books began being checked out electronically. The allure of electronic reading devices simply became too strong.
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Networking sites help align publishers with customers

(researchinformation.info): Over the past two decades the world of academic publishing has changed beyond all recognition. We've gone from a world dominated by the physical journal on library shelves, to a world where not only are the journal articles available on the web via subscription, but often for free in institutional and subject repositories. The journal article also faces competition for attention from an increasing quantity of grey literature. This is not only technical papers, working papers, preprints and reports, but also less formal forms of user-generated content. Publishers need to find new ways of engaging with their users if they are to continue to be relevant.
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As the E-Book World Blossoms, Is There Room for Both the iPad and the Kindle?

(emarketer.com): We all knew this day would come but it arrived sooner than some of us had expected. On July 19, Amazon announced it had sold more e-books than hardcover books over the past three months. Further, the growth rate in e-books accelerated during that time. In the month leading up to the announcement, Amazon sold 180 e-books for every 100 hardcover books, compared with a ratio of 143-to-100 during the three-month span.
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The eBook may not have the last word

(telegraph.co.uk): While the paper edition is still viable, there is no doubt that eBooks are on the march. Already, millions of people are reading them, whether through dedicated devices such as the Kindle (in the US), or Sony's Reader, or multi-purpose handhelds such as Apple's iPad. As the gadgets improve and prices fall, millions more will clearly follow suit.
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