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Confirmation bias in science: how to avoid it

(arstechnica.com): One of the most common arguments against a scientific finding is confirmation bias: the scientist or scientists only look for data that confirms a desired conclusion. Confirmation bias is remarkably common-it is used by psychics, mediums, mentalists, and homeopaths, just to name a few.
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Preservation and conservation of UB property vital

(gazettebw.com): Is the conservation and preservation of materials in the University of Botswana (UB) today necessary? Basically the answer is yes, affirmative action is a fundamental need in the university community, writes THATAYAONE SEGAETSHO.
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Is it the End of the Web as We Know it?

(daniweb.com): Content producers need to get creative. They can't simply repurpose the same content for different platforms. We all know by now that newspapers didn't succeed when they made the same content available on the web as in print. And newspapers are still struggling to find revenue-generating means of getting their content to consumers via mobile devices.
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Tablets Pave the Way Towards a Consumer Electronics Golden Age

(softpedia.com): The hype surrounding mobile electronics has already reached very high levels, and IT companies are quite eager to make the best of the rapid popularity rise that such things as tablets, smartphones and e-readers benefit from. Still, there are some entities on the IT market that don't just look at the marketing value of new device types, but also at their potential to become game changers. Freescale seems to be especially mindful of what the latest consumer electronics can lead to, which is why it decided to throw a close glance at what the consumer base expects.
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The Spin Cycle in Scientific Publishing: Is It Necessary to Have Positive Results to Get Published?

(medscape.com): Although the authors acknowledged that results of a trial could affect how fast results are published, and in what type of journal, another issue that deserves attention is the perception by many authors that "negative results" are not worth publishing. Aside from deliberate spin to garner a financial and/or competitive advantage, there is the pragmatic reason of trying to "sell" the abstract and paper to journal editors and their reviewers.
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