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Apple iPad Owners Outnumber Amazon Kindle's: Analyst

(eprints.rclis.org): Apple iPad owners outnumber those of the Amazon Kindle's, according to an analyst's estimates. Amazon faces e-book pressures from not only Apple, but Google and other booksellers. Apple's iPad has surpassed the estimated ownership base of the Amazon Kindle, according to a July 21 analyst report, and could exert considerable long-term pressure on the e-reader-as well as Amazon.com's leverage with publishers.
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With U of Tennessee Rollout, OCLC's Cloud-Based ILS Enters Early-Adoption Phase

(libraryjournal.com): Little more than a year ago, OCLC unveiled its ambitious cloud-computing-based integrated library system (ILS) project, Web-scale Management Services (WMS). That project has now moved into an early-implementation stage at a handful of libraries, including the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's (UTC) Lupton Library, marking the last major phase in WMS's development before a planned U.S. rollout next year. WMS aims to use several existing OCLC services--such as WorldCat Local, which is the discovery layer of WMS--as well as newly developed applications, to combine the many different functions of a locally installed ILS into one cooperative online network.
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BP locking in scientists, research to prep for lawsuits

(arstechnica.com): The scientific community has always had difficulty policing conflicts of interest, since financial interests and other exterior motivations have a very real potential to influence if and how scientific data gets reported. This issue has historically reared its ugly head in the biomedical community, where many researchers also consult for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
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Some nutritionists may be turning to careers in medical ghostwriting or grantwriting

(allvoices.com): Numerous nutritionists including some in Sacramento, may be gently steering those in the field of nutrition journalism into medical ghostwriting stints. Or nutritionists may enter the field of grant writing. How would you like to ghostwrite freelance in the area of your interest specialty, for example nutrition and health? Others are in regulatory medical writing focusing on nutrition. And then there's the broader field of marketing writing by nutritionists working for various food manufacturers, food boards, and the government.
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Scientists take on Web 2.0 cure claims

(fiercebiotechit.com): The virtual trial has barged into drug development, and social media have made both trials and trial "findings" accessible to all. PatientsLikeMe, Facebook and Twitter are all at once empowering patients and worrying doctors, says Scientific American. Drug development appears to be becoming "an open-source and collaborative effort."
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