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The Spin Cycle in Scientific Publishing: Is It Necessary to Have Positive Results to Get Published?

(medscape.com): Although the authors acknowledged that results of a trial could affect how fast results are published, and in what type of journal, another issue that deserves attention is the perception by many authors that "negative results" are not worth publishing. Aside from deliberate spin to garner a financial and/or competitive advantage, there is the pragmatic reason of trying to "sell" the abstract and paper to journal editors and their reviewers.
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Half of college students intend e-reader purchase for next year, according to survey

(collegenews.com): e-readers are becoming increasingly popular on campus. Whether or not that's because students are genuinely gravitating toward the portable electronic devices, or because many campuses are increasingly requiring campus-goers to obtain them for classroom use, is up for debate. One thing is for certain, though: According to The Independent, 50 percent of college students say they intend to pick up an e-reader by next year.
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Cloud computing becoming preferred method of backup, disaster recovery

(edlconsulting.com): Small- and medium-sized companies with fewer IT resources than larger firms previously shied away from using cloud computing or any new technology. However, it's become clear that it has actually saved its users substantial funds, which makes it an attractive option for SMBs of all kinds.
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The situation with the social media - a position paper

(cryptome.org): Open Source as a concept is solely devoted to finding out the best methods to spread a product in an open manner, where open is to be understood purely within the logic of the market. The hacker attitude, based on play and sharing amongst peers, has been co-opted therein by an approach that is based on the logic of exploitation of time and labor with profit as the driving motive, and not individual and/ or collective welfare.
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The Progression of Digital Publishing

(rand.org): E-books are beginning to emerge from their incunabula stage. While some may think of an e-book as just an electronic image of a paper product, others have used the electronic format to broaden the spectrum of publishing in the digital age. This paper examines three innovative examples that demonstrate the potential and challenges of electronic publications.
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