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E-reader Customers Are Older, College-Educated Users

(dailytech.com): As the e-reader market develops, analysts and companies are able to learn more about potential customers. The Amazon Kindle leads the growing e-reader market, but numerous other competitors are expected to enter the market. As the market expands, book publishers are still trying to work through royalties, e-book prices, and electronic rights related to shared materials.
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Amazon Sees the Future of Biology in the Cloud

(fool.com): The future of biology, if Amazon.com (Nasdaq: AMZN) has its way, will be in the cloud. The Seattle-based online retailer has generated buzz the past few years with its foray into cloud computing through Amazon Web Services. This is the model in which customers rent server space on a pay-as-you-go basis, and get access to their data anytime via the Internet. It's supposed to allow small businesses, governments, and anybody else to save cash and hassles by not having to buy and maintain their own in-house servers. The model is credited with enabling a new generation of lean tech startups to build businesses using far less capital.
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What Does

(medhealth.tmcnet.com): The terms "Health 2.0" and "Medicine 2.0" get thrown around quite a bit in e-health circles, but is there any consensus about what they actually mean? The short answer appears to be: no. At least not according to a literature review recently published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.
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China's digital publishing coming of age

(en.ce.cn): In 2009, the total output value of the digital publishing industry in China reached RMB79.5 billion yuan, exceeding that of the traditional publications for the first time. Experts estimated that, the total output value of the digital publishing industry in 2010 would be over RMB100 billion yuan. The rapid popularization of digital and network technology has brought along the fast development of the digital publishing industry.
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Doctors Warn Against Relying Too Much On Google

(searchengineland.com): Chances are good that you've searched for health-related information via Google, Yahoo, Bing, or some of the other health-specific portals. Both Google and Bing continue to expand the amount - and quality - of content they show in response to our health searches. But, based on a recent study, the medical industry says we should be cautious when relying on the Internet for health-related information.
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