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Frontiers of Collaboration: The Evolution of Social Networking

(knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu): Social networking tools such as Twitter and the emerging Google Wave web application are taking individuals and organizations to the frontiers of real-time communication and collaboration. The technology has the potential to make it easier to discover and share information, interact with others, and decide what to buy or do. But the key word is "potential": Social networking's evolution is still in its early stages. What makes the current crop of services more promising than those that came before? What are the obstacles to further progress.
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Prices and Product Lifecycle - An examination of Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Barnes&Noble Nook, and Apple iPad

(wiglafjournal.com): An examination of e-reader market demonstrates some serious flaws in a cursory acceptance of these premises. This article looks at the price and product evolution of the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Barnes&Noble Nook, and Apple iPad to demonstrate some finer nuances of the product lifecycle. While the e-reader market didn't take off until the Amazon launched the Kindle in 2007, Amazon wasn't the first to market an e-reader. Sony was back in 2006. By 2010 however, even Amazon is being given a run for its money with the Apple iPad.
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Erasing all digital footprints 'impossible'

(sfgate.com): It's been almost two decades since mainstream users began trekking into the library-slash-playground known as the World Wide Web. Now, several years into that excursion, many are taking a long hard look at the trail they've left behind. The idea of tracing our steps through the digital jungle and departing it like we were never there seems too ambitious, almost unfathomable.
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SCL welcomes government's support programme for public libraries

(iwr.co.uk): The Society of Chief Librarians (SCL) has welcomed the announcement made by the government that the SCL will play a fundamental role in shaping the future of public library services. The government programme for public libraries will be led by the Museums, Libraries and Archive Council and the Local Government Association, initially the programme will work with ten library authorities looking at governance models, partnership working and ways to share services with the findings later being shared with the wider public library network.
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Will Europe's Three Million Orphan Books Ever Be Digitized?

(publishingperspectives.com): The issue of orphan books -- those books with no clear copyright holder -- continues to vex digitization efforts across the globe. In Europe, it's a particularly contentious issue, so much so that the European Commission vowed to look into the issue beginning last year. Among its first steps has been to determine the size of the problem and last month it issued a report estimating there are some three million orphan books among member states.
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