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Doctors Warn Against Relying Too Much On Google

(searchengineland.com): Chances are good that you've searched for health-related information via Google, Yahoo, Bing, or some of the other health-specific portals. Both Google and Bing continue to expand the amount - and quality - of content they show in response to our health searches. But, based on a recent study, the medical industry says we should be cautious when relying on the Internet for health-related information.
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CILIP welcomes government's support programme for public libraries

(news.scotsman.com): Flicking through well-thumbed and yellowing paperbacks could soon be a thing of the past as Edinburgh libraries prepare to roll out their first electronic lending scheme. With so-called eBooks becoming more popular, the city's libraries will soon be offering a wide range of books to download for a short spell. Library members will be able to access the library catalogue remotely through the new YourLibrary online portal, and when the rental period expires the book will simply disappear from their device. The system removes the need to physically borrow and return books, and the automatic deletion removes the misery of overdue fees.
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Canadian University Hopes to Lead Fight Against High Subscription

(iwr.co.uk): The government programme for public libraries will be led by the Museums, Libraries and Archive Council and the Local Government Association, It aims at supporting local councils to deliver key services while reducing costs. The programme will initially work with around ten library authorities, and then lessons learned will be shared with the wider public library network..
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Journals step up plagiarism policing

(nature.com): Major science publishers are gearing up to fight plagiarism. The publishers, including Elsevier and Springer, are set to roll out software across their journals that will scan submitted papers for identical or paraphrased chunks of text that appear in previously published articles. The move follows pilot tests of the software that have confirmed high levels of plagiarism in articles submitted to some journals.
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Will Libraries Turn Into Digital Reading Rooms?

(treehugger.com): Paper books that are shared over and over again are far greener than an electronic gadget. But, as e-books take over and the e-reader market booms, will libraries start to follow suit? Sony hopes so, with a new program to promote digital reading in libraries. According to Sony, the Reader Library program supports libraries that are expanding their ebook collection. Many libraries offer members the ability to 'check out' books online, downloading them onto their computers or reading devices for two or three weeks.
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