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Publishing industry holds breath over electronic books

(ft.com): With the arrival of affordable ebook readers, such as the Kindle, and tablet computers such as Apple's new iPad, digital publishing's ascendancy seems imminent. Controlling what will happen after this takeover is the obsession for the book business, pitting writers, publishers and booksellers against each other and causing not a little angst.
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A Free Taste of Royal Society Publishing's Content

(scienceblogs.com): All Royal Society Publishing's online journal content is available for free in celebration of the Royal Society's 350th anniversary. The Royal Society's archives provide a record of some key scientific discoveries from the last 350 years including: Halley's description of 'his comet' in 1705; details of the double Helix of DNA by James Watson and Francis Crick in 1954; and Edmond Stone's breakthrough in 1763 that willow bark cures fevers, which led to the discovery of salicylic acid and later, to the development of aspirin.
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Government and research policy in the UK: an introduction

(rin.ac.uk): The Research Information Network just published a new guide (PDF; 20 pages) which describes the nature, roles and responsibilities of the different Government bodies involved in research policy and funding, and the relationships between them. Government in the UK involves a complex array of bodies with responsibilities for developing and implementing policies. This applies as much to policies and funding for research and the research environment as to other areas in which Government is a key player.
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2009-2010 Public Library Funding&Technology Access Study now online

(plablog.org): Following the pre-release of key data at the ALA Midwinter Meeting (the "Perfect Storm" briefing report), the ALA this week published the complete findings from the 2009-2010 Public Library Funding&Technology Access Study. Co-published with American Libraries magazine as their Summer Digital Supplement, the report finds that 67% of public libraries report that they are the only source of free public access to computers and the Internet in their communities.
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Some European Publishers Embrace iPad, But Adoption Still Slow

(publishingperspectives.com): Apple may have announced that more than 3 million iPads have been sold worldwide since the US launch in April, but just a few weeks after the international launch of the iPad, it appears that many publishers in Europe are still choosing to exercise caution when it comes to the iBookstore. According to Apple spokesman Adam Howorth, there are now some 15,000 titles in the iBookstore in the UK, France and Germany (a breakdown per country was not provided).
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