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A Future for our Digital Memory: Strategic Agenda 2010-2013 for Long-Term Access to Digital Resources

(ncdd.nl): Printed documents can be locked away in some closet for tens or even hundreds of years without their usefulness being in any way affected. Digital information is another matter altogether. Digital media (cd's, dvd's) have limited life spans, hardware and software become obsolescent in a matter of years, internet links disappear almost as quickly as they appear, and software such as Photoshop makes it increasingly difficult to determine what is authentic and what is not.
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China pushing the envelope on science, and sometimes ethics

(washingtonpost.com): A decade ago, no one considered China a scientific competitor. Its best and brightest agreed and fled China in a massive brain drain to university research labs at Harvard, Stanford and MIT. But over the past five years, Western-educated scientists and gutsy entrepreneurs have conducted a rearguard action, battling China's hidebound bureaucracy to establish research institutes and companies. Those have lured home scores of Western-trained Chinese researchers dedicated to transforming the People's Republic of China into a scientific superpower.
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Report Urges More Curbs on Medical Ghostwriting

(graphics8.nytimes.com): Should more light be shed on the relationships between drug makers and certain prominent doctors who publish scientific articles about their medicines? A new Congressional report calls on medical journals, medical schools and even the National Institutes of Health to take additional measures to ensure the integrity of the scientific articles many doctors rely on to make treatment decisions for their patients..
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Twitter Settles Charges that it Failed to Protect Consumers' Personal Information

(ftc.gov): Social networking service Twitter has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it deceived consumers and put their privacy at risk by failing to safeguard their personal information, marking the agency's first such case against a social networking service.The FTC's complaint against Twitter charges that serious lapses in the company's data security allowed hackers to obtain unauthorized administrative control of Twitter, including access to non-public user information, tweets that consumers had designated private, and the ability to send out phony tweets from any account including those belonging to then-President-elect Barack Obama and Fox News, among others.
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Roll-Up Computers and Their Kin

(nytimes.com): Today, digital readers are much cheaper and come with significantly better displays and storage space. But things are just getting started - like the price war that erupted last week between Amazon and Barnes&Noble that pushed the prices of their e-books below $200. Those e-readers are also facing challenges from other gadgets that can display books, newspapers and magazines, including mobile phones and the new tablet computers like the iPad.
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