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Hindu Kush-Himalayan countries to share biodiversity data

(globaltimes.cn): Some 25 representatives from eight countries of the Hindu Kush-Himalayan (HKH) region agreed to use a global platform to share biodiversity data, according to Kathmandu-based International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD). The representatives from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan brought together to discuss " Open access to and publishing of mountain biodiversity data from the HKH region" during June 14 to 18 agreed the decision..
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In Online News, Content Is No Commodity

(internetevolution.com): Is news a commodity? Is it like grain or oil, the value essentially being the same everywhere, decided in terms of how the market sees the thing itself, as opposed to how it sees the value of a particular provider? Rupert Murdoch is often mocked by the digiterati for sweeping statements regarding his confidence that users will pay for quality content if forced to do so. One poignant example is this interview with an employee of his own network, in which Murdoch answers "How do we make sure people pay for the online content?" with "It's simple. You turn 'em off."
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Scientific research on the rise but financing still hard to secure

(dailystar.com): Innovation, medical breakthroughs, efficiency increases and the adoption of greener, more eco-friendly "solutions" are destined to be the political buzz words of the decade. Even developing nations, crippled by underdevelopment and debt, pay regular lip service to the concepts and see them as synonymous with their search for a more prosperous future. After decades of stagnation, investment in research in the Arab region began to take off over the course of the last decade before being hit by a pretty major blow by the global economic downturn.
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States Discuss Joint Inquiry of Google's Data Collection

(bits.blogs.nytimes.com): Google's headaches over its collection of private data from Wi-Fi networks are intensifying. Attorneys general from about 30 states are investigating whether Google violated any laws when vehicles used by the company to snap pictures for the Street View service also collected snippets of personal information sent over unsecured wireless networks.
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'Cloud Computing 2.0' Will Change Your Business

(internetevolution.com): The initial success of the first generation of cloud computing alternatives over the past few years is fueling the rapid evolution of a new set of more mature "on demand" Web-based services. This transition to Cloud Computing 2.0 promises to dramatically change the way organizations operate and how corporate leaders make important business decisions. The rapidly evolving cloud computing phenomenon has been sparked by the mainstream acceptance of a vast array of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. The ease of deployment and use of these Web-based applications, as well as their attractive subscription payment schemes, have led to SaaS solutions penetrating organizations of all sizes across nearly every industry.
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