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Be nimble with that publishing brand

(brand-e.biz): A publisher's business is not a newspaper, a magazine, or a TV network. And it's not tied to a particular format or flavor of media. So says Razorfish in its new Nimble report on publishing in the digital age. The business is a brand, and it has an audience. The brand has a voice, a reputation, and a set of values that its audience relates to. In order for that business to grow and evolve, it's imperative to understand what the brand means to people and how to extend that relationship in meaningful ways without leaving the core audience behind.
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In Search of Sustainability: Business Models in Publishing

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): While library budgets have remained flat, article output is increasing at 3% per year. Librarians like to be able to predict their budget for the next year, but they are not fond of running out of tokens mid-year, or knowing that the same article may be downloaded several times by the same individual. Yet, the token access model has provided access to small institutions who have traditionally not subscribed to GSA journals.
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Google to Give Governments Street View Data

(nytimes.com): Google is bowing to the demands of three European governments and says it will begin surrendering the data it improperly collected over unsecured wireless networks. Eric E. Schmidt, Google's chief executive, told The Financial Times in an interview in London that within the next two days, the company would share the data with regulators in Germany, Spain and France. The data is thought to include fragments of personal information like e-mail and bank account numbers.
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Microsoft Researchers Propose Privacy Sensor 'Widget'

(darkreading.com): Researchers from Microsoft have come up with a sensor widget concept that provides alerts and lets users control and monitor exactly what other users see from their webcams, microphones, and other live data streams. The tool they envision is basically a graphical user interface sensor that sits within the application display and provides an animated representation of how an application is gathering the user's data. It also shows whether a particular app is allowed to access a webcam, for example. It works on a "what you see is what they get" model, they say.
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Is The iPad The Future, Or Just A Clever Mockup?

(istockanalyst.com): This isn't a PC or Macintosh or UNIX experience, this is something New. A lot of attention has also gone into making the user interface responsive. The iPad is a convergence device and can be used as an ebook reader as well as for the obvious cloud-computing tasks - email and web browsing, running an RSS reader, and so on.
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