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DOJ's Apple investigation goes beyond music

(thecmuwebsite.com): The US Department Of Justice's investigation into alleged anti-competitive practices undertaken by Apple will go beyond its music operations, according to the New York Post. As previously reported, rumours were circulating last week that the DoJ had begun investigating allegations that Apple had used its dominance in the digital music domain to put pressure on both EMI and Sony Music to not participate in an MP3 promotion run by Amazon, arguably Apple's biggest competitor in the a-la-carte download market, certainly in the US.
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Stanford creating bookless library

(thestandard.com.hk): Stanford University is creating a new "bookless library" from two existing libraries-physics and engineering. The new facility will have a completely electronic reference desk, Kindle 2 e-readers, soft seating, a self-checkout system, and group event space. At the user's fingertips will be 28 online databases and more than 12 000 scientific journals.
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Can academic integrity exist in the Google Age?

(zdnet.com): Integrity refers to honesty in all personal, professional and academic endeavors. Integrity matters because it's at the foundation of any successful community. Without integrity, a leader cannot engender trust. Without integrity, academic accomplishments are almost meaningless. Without integrity, service to one's community is hollow..
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Web 2.0 Next: Companies Place Bets on Consumer Relationships and Collaboration

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): Since the phrase "Web 2.0" was coined, its premise has been to allow users to dynamically interact with content and to interact with each other about content. Although more users have joined the social media parade, applications for dynamic engagement with content are probably only in pre-adolescence. But as the social community matures, new services are emerging to help businesses derive explicit practical value from the core Web 2.0 service base.
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The Rise of the Global University: 5 New Tensions

(chronicle.com): The Global Research University is the multiversity with much more mobility, more cross-national research and learning, and more global systems and rankings. Indeed, in almost every country, research universities are among the most globally connected of all sectors. Knowledge, the free currency of higher education, flows anywhere and everywhere, like quicksilver on a metal table. At the same time, global connections; global comparisons and rankings; and global flows of people, ideas, knowledge, and capital are transforming higher education.
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