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Andrew Wakefield and MMR: the 'impact factor'

(guardian.co.uk): The Wakefield saga, brought to an unhappy conclusion by the General Medical Council's decision to strike the doctor at the heart of the MMR-"autism" controversy off the British medical register, highlights many troubled issues in medical research: the influence of funding sources and disclosure of conflicts of interest, the role of big personalities and limited insight that may go with that, and the question of regulation, to name but a few. But none would have caused this MMR scare to run as it did had not the Lancet, the UK's most prestigious medical journal, chosen to publish Andrew Wakefield's original study associating gastrointestinal disease, MMR vaccination and developmental regression in the first place.
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Reigniting the Content Economy at Buying&Selling eContent

(econtentmag.com): While certain segments of the economy are rebounding, the content industry has continued to struggle to get back on its feet. With that in mind, many of the top executives from companies across the content spectrum gathered on April 18-20 at the 11th annual Buying&Selling eContent conference in Arizona to discuss Reigniting the Content Economy. And despite some unexpected turbulence-caused by a certain Icelandic volcano-the program went over well in its first year under the guidance of new chair, EContent editor Michelle Manafy.
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New role created to improve training in science journalism

(journalism.co.uk): The Royal Statistical Society (RSS) is recruiting for a new position to coordinate science journalism training, as part of a series of steps to improve the quality of journalism in this field. The new national coordinator for science journalism training will assess the existing state of science journalism training in the UK and identify what the priorities should be for new training. They will also create an online library of resources for all journalists to help improve the accuracy and science literacy of the profession.
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Financial Conflict of Interest Notice of Proposed Rule Making

(nih.gov): Partnerships between NIH-funded researchers and industry are often essential to the process of moving discoveries from the bench to the bedside. However, managing Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOI) can be a major challenge because of the complex relationships among government, academia, and industry. A Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, which is open for public comment for the next 60 days, proposes a general revision to the existing regulations.
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Follett Higher Education Group Leads Movement to Integrate Digital Textbooks Into Campus Systems

(examiner.com): A college student's textbook should be at the heart of his or her learning experience. That is why Follett Higher Education Group, the leading college bookstore operator and a digital textbook pioneer, is leading an effort to make e-textbooks fully interoperable with learning management systems (LMS). Today at the Learning Impact 2010 conference, Follett became the first to demonstrate this interoperability by sharing professors' textbook notes through the Moodle standards-based LMS.
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