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Opinion of the Usefulness of Certain Library Technologies Is Based On a Survey of More Than 550 Academic Librarians

(businesswire.com): This study presents 130 tables of data pinpointing academic librarian support and opposition to spending more on various library technologies. The report helps library administrators and vendors to gauge the level of interest in certain library technologies, breaking it down by variables such as library department and college types. Technologies covered include: laptops for patrons, computer labs, digital cameras, library management systems, e-books, student response systems or "clickers", content management systems, virtual whiteboards and other technologies.
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Can Social Networks Be Generated Automatically?

(technologyreview.in): When Google launched Buzz, a microblogging social network, several months ago, the company boasted that the network had been generated automatically, by algorithms that could connect users to each other based on communications revealed through Gmail and other services. However, many users balked at having what they perceived as mischaracterized social connections, forcing the company to frantically backpedal and make the Buzz service less automated and more under users' control. This incident notwithstanding, many companies are increasingly interested in automatically determining users' social ties through e-mail and social network communications.
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ebrary Seeks Pilot Customers for Corporate DASH!

(bradenton.com): Studies show that employees spend a significant portion of their time searching for information within their organization, resulting in a loss of productivity that can impact profitability. To address this issue, ebrary®, a leading provider of digital content products and technologies, is developing DASH! (Data Sharing, Fast), a new self-publishing technology that turns documents into highly interactive archives with full-text search and other powerful research capabilities. To help refine and productize DASH! for the corporate marketplace, ebrary today announced that it is seeking pilot participants from corporations of all types and sizes.
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Why Science Journals Need to Move to Online Only Publishing

The glamour mags, such as Science and Nature, first implemented supplemental methods. Given their severe page limitations, they began moving methods sections to online-only supplements. Then they, and other journals, rather than either editing articles to shorter lengths or changing their publication format to meet scientific needs, began adding results and data to the supplements. The communication needs of scientists should dictate length, not journals' printing policies.
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Stanford University prepares for 'bookless library'

Stanford University is moving toward the creation of its first "bookless library." Box by box, decades of past scholarship are being packed up and emptied from two old libraries, Physics and Engineering, to make way for the future: a smaller but more efficient and largely electronic library that can accommodate the vast, expanding and interrelated literature of Physics, Computer Science and Engineering. Libraries are the very heart of the research university, the center for scholarship. But the accumulation of information online is shifting their sense of identity.
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