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Apple Passes Microsoft: A Geek is Vindicated

(thetakeaway.org): Apple's recent Midas-touch for products has provided years of glowing headlines and a tech journalism industry that breathlessly chases the smallest clues about what the company will do next. But back in 1997, Microsoft was worth $147 billion to Apple's $2.3 billion, and speculation had run rampant for years that Apple would be snapped up by some bigger company... or simply fold.
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Fraud claim leads Mayo Clinic to retract cancer research

(postbulletin.com): Accusations of scientific fraud by a researcher is driving Mayo Clinic to retract findings from almost eight years of research on an antibody after firing the scientist at the heart of the controversy. Mayo launched an investigation of research by Suresh Radhakrishnan of an antibody molecule with possible cancer-fighting properties after other researchers in his lab were unable to duplicate his results. The research, much of which was funded by National Institutes of Health grants, was conducted in the Rochester lab of Larry Pease.
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How Blogs and Social Media Agendas Relate and Differ from the Traditional Press

(journalism.org): News today is increasingly a shared, social experience. Half of Americans say they rely on the people around them to find out at least some of the news they need to know. Some 44% of online news users get news at least a few times a week through emails, automatic updates or posts from social networking sites. In 2009, Twitter's monthly audience increased by 200%. While most original reporting still comes from traditional journalists, technology makes it increasingly possible for the actions of citizens to influence a story's total impact.
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Trade Publishing and Ebooks: W(h)ither the Supply Chain?

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): Among the leaders of the book publishing industry gathered recently for the Book Industry Study Group's (BISG) annual Making Information Pay Conference, there was general agreement that the book industry's supply chain is broken when applied to electronic books. When trade book publishers talk about their customers, they are not referring to readers - the people who actually buy their books. They mean bookstores. And in many cases they don't sell directly to bookstores but go through wholesalers, who buy in bulk and then resell to bookstores.
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Medical Research Bias and Concealment Harming Patients

(emaxhealth.com): German scientists say tighter regulations are needed to protect patients from "publication bias" from medical researchers. Findings over the years show that pharmaceutical companies and researchers commonly neglect to publish findings of medical research or adverse outcomes of drugs that could harm patients. The scientists say in some instances "legal regulations" mandate withholding the results of medical research.
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