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New thematic series to celebrate 2010 International Year of Biodiversity

(blogs.openaccesscentral.com): The rich diversity of life is essential to our presence on the earth and yet it is at risk of decreasing at an accelerated rate due to human activities. The action of the United Nations, in highlighting biodiversity during 2010, is an important chance to increase our understanding of the vital function of biodiversity and a prompt to act now to reduce its loss. To celebrate this initiative, BioMed Central is featuring leading research from different disciplines that share common goals in conserving biodiversity.
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Making room for a paperless world

(arabnews.com): The debate is no longer confined to a few academics in distant universities. It is now a widely prevalent, mainstream topic of discussion. How will the news of the future be distributed? The jury is still out, but not completely. Increasingly, we are driven to believe that the future will be paperless. Some argue that the "paper" will be taken out of the "newspaper" within a few years. Their logic might have come across as far-fetched in the late 1990s, but it can hardly be dismissed in 2010.
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Swets supports Library Choice

(swetswise.com): As the number of publishers offering e-content continues to grow, the role of the librarian is increasingly defined by the volume of work associated with providing access to and management of e-collections. Subscribing to a large package of e-journals, either individually or through a consortium, whilst providing greater access, typically creates more work for administrative, serials and technical staff. Not knowing precisely which titles and years are included in a deal makes collection management difficult and time consuming and this lack of detail makes content linking and discovery difficult, if not impossible. Factors such as these may compromise or even prevent libraries from fulfilling their key role - enabling intuitive, seamless access to their information collections.
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MSU survey looks at viability of e-books

(statenews.com): When students begin hunting for the cheapest textbooks this fall, they might see a list of available electronic books, or e-books, on MSU's website as a result of a study currently being conducted at MSU. The campuswide student survey, which is part of MSU's Environmental Stewardship Initiative and is expected to be completed in September, will gather information about how prepared students are for a potential switch to e-books and digital courseware.
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When Did Print Become an Input?

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): To be content-focused, content developers must first consider the utility or customer use being addressed by the content and only after that determine the most effective delivery mode (print, online, mobile) and packaging option (book, article, app). But what happens instead is that print, having been the only mode of content delivery for so long, has become the mode of content creation as well. Publishers create content for print.
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