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E-Readers Will Take Centerstage If Prices Drop, Yet Publishers Still Have Two Left Feet

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): A new survey from the Boston Consulting Group, covered well at Goodnight, Gutenberg, shows that consumers are aware of e-readers, interested in multi-purpose e-reading devices, and planning to buy one in the next three years, but prices have to come down to around $200 first. Instead of changing things up, publishing to formats exploiting the capabilities of current or forthcoming e-readers, pricing things appropriately, finding ways to go direct, or solving the use-case, publishers are engaging in shovelware again.
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2009 Acquisition Created Monopoly in Market for K-12 Educational Marketing Data

(ftc.gov): The Federal Trade Commission today sued The Dun&Bradstreet Corporation, challenging its February 2009 acquisition of Quality Education Data (QED) and alleging that the deal hurt consumers by eliminating nearly all competition in the market for kindergarten through twelfth-grade educational marketing databases. The data sold by these companies is used to sell books, education materials, and other products to teachers and other educators nationwide.
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New Software Allows Authors and Publishers to Auto Convert PDF's to Secure eBooks and eMagazines

(prweb.com): Authors, publishers and businesses can now auto convert, secure, sell and distribute eBooks, magazines and confidential documentation using ePage Wiz Secure from DNAML. ePage Wiz DRM provides the authors and publishers to be able to manage their ePublications, which includes eBooks, eMagazines, eCatalogs, textbooks and corporate documents.
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Wolters Kluwer signals U.S recovery, keeps targets

(forexyard.com): Dutch publisher Wolters Kluwer said it saw improving market conditions in the United States, signalling slow and steady economic recovery, while Europe remained challenging. The group, whose professional information services are used by doctors, lawyers and accountants, said European market conditions were still challenging, as new sales and cyclical revenue streams such as training, consulting and advertising remained under pressure.
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Best Draft Model for US University Green OA Self-Archiving Mandate So Far: U North Texas

(openaccess.eprints.org): The University of North Texas is hosting an Open Access Symposium on Tuesday, May 18, 2010. The event features both nationally and internationally recognized leaders in the open access initiative. The symposium is intended as a catalyst to move UNT and other academic institutions in Texas forward in their consideration of institutional open access policies. The UNT Open Access Policy Committee has just completed a first complete draft of a policy for open access to scholarly works at the University of North Texas. The Committee sees this as an initial step in broadening discussion by the UNT campus community on open access and the policy. The Policy on Open Access to Scholarly Works.
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